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Help Please. My fridge is warming, not cooling

I have a unique beer fridge which stopped cooling a few weeks ago. It is actually one of those round Full Throttle energy drink refridgerated coolers you see at the convenience stores.

When turned on, you here the condenser working and the recirc fan, but the inside walls never get cold and in fact the inside (where the beer would be) gets warm and stinks like mold. In fact if you leave beer cans in there for a day, there are signs of mold around the lip - I suspect it gets so warm that it forms condensation and then molds.

I removed the bottom cover and fiddled around a little. I confirmed the condenser is spinning when turned on. I confirmed the temp guage works, since it has a off section which turns the condenser off when you select the off position (turns the condenser on when you turn the guage to on).

I did run it for 30 minutes and then immediately removed the cover. The condenser outside casing was hot, the two metal tubes coming from the condenser were neutral (not hot or cold), the metal vial thingy with twisty metal coil was neutral along with its coil, the thermo metal coil/line was neutral.

Should the metal tubes from the condenser not be cold if the condenser was working properly? Since the tubes are neutral, what are my possible issues other than a new condenser? Could it be the thermostate, or perhaps leaked freon? Is there any signs that would suggest the freon leaked? I did notice a few dried brown droplets here and there, but I think that is beer which leaked a while back inside the cooler and dripped into the condenser area.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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First off I am not an expert, but know just little more then you.
What you are calling the condenser running is the compressor. It has a condensor and an evaporator. How old is it? The freon may have leaked out. But I wil guess you have a bad compressor. It is acting like a heated pitrey dish, why the mold is there. One tube should be cold and the other side hot. I am sure an expert will be along to correct me.


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