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HE Washers

So after a lot of research I purchased the best washing machine I could find in the $500 range...a Whirlpool 4.3 Cu. Ft. Top-Load Washer. Did I make a mistake? Is HE proven technology? Should I try to return it?

\http://www.lowes.com/pd_328133-46-WTW5700XW_4294857976+4294965476_4294937087_?produc tId=3246324&Ns=p_product_price|1&pl=1&currentURL=% 2Fpl_Whirlpool_4294857976%2B4294965476_4294937087_ %3FNs%3Dp_product_price|1&facetInfo=Whirlpool

It decides how much water to use so it seem hard to know how much detergent to put in.

It uses a ridiculously small amount of water. Like we're all living in the desert during a 7 year drought level of water. If you have 6" of wet clothes in the machine, there will be 3" of water. Apparently the lack of water is made up for by agitating the heck out of the clothes. Is this hard on clothes?

Am I off base?

The first load a put it, it was on a 44 minute cycle. I don't believe all of my clothes got wet until 35 minutes.


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if your going to go HE, you should go front load. All of these new HE top load washers are just a bunch of crap.


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On the face of it i would tend to agree with Hw/man. but this is a completely new design [mech] for Whirl. so the jury's still out. this washer takes the place of their direct drive unit ca;1990 and the newer Cabrio, although they've elected to keep that name-it's not the same. it gets good consumer reviews but too early to tell what will happen on the service end. follow your owners guide as the newer appl's are not forgiving of user errors eg; wrong/too much det, unbalanced loads etc...the F/L are getting/have gotten better but they're not for everybody..
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I feel your pain.

I recently bought a new GE HE washer. Looking at your model, it seems to be very similar - top load, automatic water level, similar looking agitator, etc.

I really need to write a full length review somewhere, and link to it anytime this subject comes up. I can't cover everything I'd like to say here in one post. I'm considering doing a video review and posting it on Youtube.

The first thing I discovered with mine is that I totally needed to relearn everything I knew about washing machines. Yeah, it uses less water and that's good, but I'm still not totally comfortable with my clothes not being completely submerged, and the fact that you can't manually set the water level is absolutely ridiculous. How hard is it to flip a switch for the load size? This automatic crap is not doing us a favor. The purpose of a machine is to work for us - meaning we tell it what to do and how to do it.

Look at it this way: You're loading your clothes into the washer, and it "senses" that it only needs to fill to the minimum water level. At a certain point, one more small item (like a hand towel) might be all it takes to bump it up to the next water level. If that were to happen, does that not imply that the entire load (minus said hand towel) doesn't have nearly as much water as it should? It's kind of like the laundry equivalent of the straw that broke the camels back. I'm getting more accustomed to these machines now, but I have literally watched a whole cycle elapse (with a magnet to trick it into thinking the lid is closed) and have seen parts of items that never get submerged. In other words, parts of the clothes don't get clean. All this could be avoided if we could simply select the water level manually.

In the case of my particular washer at least, it's a matter of learning to work with it's limitations and shortcomings. Basically, the machine doesn't work for me, I work for it. Doing smaller loads (and perhaps negating the water savings in the process), more careful sorting, putting heavier items in first, longer cycles to improve the chances that everything gets submerged and clean, and switching to liquid HE detergent are all things I have had to do to get good results.

I have gone from thinking mine is garbage to thinking it's mediocre at best. I can get it to do what it needs to do, but I'll never be fully satisfied with it. IMO, I think you should continue to try to learn and master it before giving up on it completely, but if you're considering returning it, perhaps that's exactly what you should do.

I'm stuck with mine.
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government mandates for energy efficiency. That right there is the whole problem. By law these machines have to meet government standards for water and energy efficiency. Like you said you really have to rethink how you do your laundry, front load HE machines are just so much better
................."I want a house that has gotten over all its troubles. I dont' want to spend the rest of life bringing up a young and inexperienced house"...........
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