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tthacke 01-06-2009 10:01 PM

glow from dryer
Hello. I have a 15 yr old Whirpool dryer and recently noticed a "glow" coming from behind the dryer. It is towards the floor and when I turned the dryer around I could see the glow coming from one of the louver vents. The glow was periodic (i.e. it was on for a while, then off, then on, and so on.) Is this just the normal heating element or is there a problem? I've had the dryer for a few years, but I only recenly saw the glow...that said I never really looked for it before with the lights off. You cannot see the glow with the lights on.

Thanks for your help

Nestor_Kelebay 01-07-2009 01:00 AM

It's probably just the heating element being controlled by the high or low temperature thermostats.

Start the dryer with a full load of damp clothes in it on the "Delicates" cycle when the lights are out (maybe use a flashlight). With a full load of damp clothes, the heating element will stay on for a long time to heat the dryer drum and get enough moisture out of the clothes that the air flowing through the dryer heats up enough to turn the Delicates thermostat off.

Once the glow disappears (cuz the Delicates thermostat goes off), and then you open the dryer door (to stop it) and switch the temperature setting to "Regular" or "Permanent Press" and the glow starts again after you close the door, then it's definitely the dryer's heating element working normally.

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