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liileah 06-24-2008 10:11 AM

GE fridge (older model) motor(?) making a lot of noise as it runs, also leak!
So I'm not sure if there's a problem here, but within the past few months, the fridge in my new house (first time home buyer) started making VERY odd noises - it sounded a little possessed, like it was thinking about something and making different pitched mechanical noises (I really can't describe the noises - we had to listen closely and my husband and I both thought it was very strange)

Then something about when it turns on to cool, got really loud and rattly. I can hear it starting up, then it rattles - when I'm standing on the floor next to it, I can feel the vibration. The vibration is coming from the bottom portion- -which is the fridge (it's a freezer on top, fridge on bottom type)

It also seems to be leaking a bit on the bottom.

I'm concerned there might be something wrong, or some maintenence that needs to be done!

Any thoughts?

It works fine still..

jeff1 06-24-2008 11:32 AM


No model# posted.

-Some- common noise helps...

-Some- common leaking trouble makers...



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