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deltaelise 11-30-2007 04:29 PM

GE Electric Stove
Hi. I have GE electric stove that looks fairly new.
There are the four burners on the top.
I turned the left rear burner on and discovered later that it did not come on.
I pushed on it to make sure it was all the way in the plug and I saw a little spark.
I turned the burner off and used another one.
Later, while cleaning the stove top, I noticed that the burner in question was hot to the touch yet had not been turned on.
I pulled it out of the plug because it scared me.
Can someone tell me what is wrong ?

Mike Swearingen 12-04-2007 07:51 AM

Sounds like the range may just need a new terminal block (that's what the element plugs into). It could be the switch or the wiring between the two, but most likely the terminal block.
With the power OFF, raise the range top to inspect it. If the terminal block looks burnt or damaged at all, remove it, take it to the store and get one just like it and replace it. Take the GE model # with you (look for metal tag somewhere around the oven door).
The job is simple as it just involves a few screws. You can see what I'm talking about when you open the top.
Good luck!

deltaelise 12-05-2007 05:33 PM

Thank you so much and I will let you know how it turns out :)

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