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snadge 02-02-2009 12:06 PM

Gas problems
I think my grans boiler may be faulty.... she and her 86 year old husband live in a very tiny 2 bed upper flat - during the summer her Npower dual-fuel bill for six months for GAS was 19 a month (elec was 22) GREAT - 243 for Apr-Oct.... my gran&grandad are TIGHT and they would rather wrap up and sit in coat+gloves than have heating on much/high in winter but she DOES obviously use it a little more... her 2007 WINTER (oct07-apr08) 6 month usage for just Gas was 440 (still quite high at nearly 70 month for gas only in a small 2 bed flat with 2 pensioners) - so Npower estimated this next (6-month) winter gas usage (oct08-apr09) to be 589... (WOW way too much surely almost 100 a month) altogether it totalled at 142 a month she has to pay for both elec & gas -

now with looking at the bills and seeing that all is cheap and fine during summer at 40 month for both but then 142 month for winter is wrong surely


we were thinking it could possibly the BOILER its an old SAUNIER DUVAL SD 623 COMBI-BOILER installed on the floor , she has to get on ground to turn a switch to fill her own water tank and the hot water pressure is low and has to run it for ages to get hot through - could this boiler be the cause of the high gas usage in the winter....?

and if so....

whats a good replacement?
whats a good quote?
who's best to use?
what should she ask the fitter when he qouting?

many thanks for reading and I HOPE I can help my gran because I think its a rip-off but I dunno if its actually Npowers fault...

hychesee 02-02-2009 10:28 PM

Just to start things rolling, am I correct in assuming these numbers are in euro? and equal to the below.
The summer of 2008 both gas and electric are about 20e each ($25)
The winter of 2007, gas was 440e or about 73e a month ($93)
The winter of 2009, gas estimated at 589e or about 98e a month ($125)
electricity has also been assumed to go from 22e to 44e per month per your figures.

These costs can be quite low compared to a house in the USA, my family are all paying between $300-$450 (235-350e) per month for both in the winter months. but a small upper flat should be a bit cheaper.

The 30% rise is gas cost could be normal for your area, 50% rise for electricity sounds a bit high unless they are using it more to save on the other.

Replacing a boiler will be several thousand dollars no matter how you slice it - don't mean to sound crass but will the payback time be worth it with older people? saving 30% a month for a 3000e replacement boiler will take almost 9 years just to break even.

edit: I had the conversions rates backwards so you maybe looking 2000e or more for a replacement.

Ron6519 02-03-2009 06:58 PM

I think you need to post on a site that is familiar with european boilers.

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