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PeMajor 06-22-2010 03:08 PM

Gas Oven Won't Ignite
the oven gas turns on, but won't ignite. we have had the oven for 7 years and it has given us problems from the beggining, but whirlpool won't do a thing about it, they say "it's not their problem, must have been a bad unit." Not the answer I need to hear. Can anyone help?:(

Jacques 06-23-2010 07:24 AM

assuming you have direct ignition. this is not a DYI job. you need to call a local guy that knows this system [ask]. sometimes, sadly though, it never gets permantley repaired.

wikkie650 06-23-2010 09:00 AM

Not sure of the exact nature of your problem, but I had a recent experience with a nearly new maytag gemini that was similar in nature and possibly scope. Purchased on Black Friday, had a service tech out last month to repair/replace parts. Apparently the ignitor goes bad prematurely, and being the voltage going to the ignitor wasn't enough to open the gas line to allow gas out. This could very well be your issue, and I wish you the best of luck towards a resolution of this.

fabrk8r 06-23-2010 09:19 AM

As wikkie650 already suggested, replace the ignitor. The gas valve won't open if it senses that the ignitor has an open circuit. Fairly common with gas ranges due to the temperature extremes and the fact that the ignitor is encased in a fragile ceramic block.

Go to your local appliance part supplier, Dey for example, and give them the model and serial number. be prepared for sticker shock, they sell for anywhere from $35.00 - $75.00.

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