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hoganshoagies 02-19-2013 12:26 PM

gas oven repair
I'm trying to troubleshoot a GE gas oven. The stove works, the oven doesn't -- model #jgbs17
I have three problems.

1) The manual says I should look for a switch on the regulator -- I can't locate one. Is it possible that one of the

2) In further trying to troubleshoot, I've determined that the glow bar does not glow. Some online advice suggests that if the glow bar doesn't turn on at all, then the safety valve is to blame. I'm not sure if this is accurate.

3) I've also run into a problem trying to test for continuity in the safety valve. I disconnected the harness in back, but when I when tried to disconnect both tabs, I could not get them to come loose and I broke the orange plastic shield on on of the tabs.
a) how do I find a shield and replace it? Is there a name for these things and can I but it at a hardware store or electrical supply store?
b) I tested for continuity anyway by slipping the probes under the orange shield and onto the broken one. The multimeter jumped past 0 ohms, an indication that there is continuity, according to one video I looked at. But since I couldn't get the tabs off, am I truly testing continuity in the gas safety valve? I've noticed the harness that I disconnected has two wires, and one goes to the harness, the other up into the oven itself (I'm guessing to a thermometer.

I've gone ahead and bought a new glow bar, because when I think about it, that's the most likely culprit, despite the uncertainty of the gas safety valve continuty reading. If I replace the glow bar, can I safely operate the oven if I can't find a shield that covers the tab that connects to the safety valve?

AandPDan 02-19-2013 01:18 PM

Hire someone qualified to fix it.

1. If you have the correct manual then according to you there should be a switch.
2. You've already damaged the wiring shield over the wiring tabs.
3. It's a GAS oven. It can leak or worse, go BOOM, if it doesn't ignite correctly.

I'm all for DIY, but when it comes to gas, you're better off leaving it alone.

hardwareman 02-19-2013 05:41 PM

there are times when calling a professional is called for, I believe this may be one of them times. But if your serious about troubleshooting it you should be ohming out the ignitor first to check it. If it is good then go on to check your valve

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