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kathleentsy 05-16-2007 10:44 PM

Gas oven does not work; pilot light on, stovetop works fine
We have an older (70s? 80s?) gas stove in our apartment, and currently the oven does not work -- the stovetop works fine, though. The pilot light is lit, and is making normal contact to the diffuser (not sure if this is proper term -- the gas ring?), but the flame does not carry all the way around and properly ignite the oven.

Before the oven stopped working entirely, it worked spottily -- sometimes it would have a hard time catching, and we would get a strong gas smell (duh -- seems reasonable). Otherwise, there was no cooking incident that seemed to precipitate the oven stopping altogether.

Gas flow seems to be normal, and there is no leaking gas when the knob is not turned on. Could this be as simple as a clog somewhere in the diffuser/gas ring for the oven? If so, how can we clean? Or is this a project that goes beyond DIY?

mikemy6 05-22-2007 06:05 PM

see if there is a slot or a touch hole clogged near the pilot, if its a slot clean it w/ a straight razor blade. A hole type can be done W/a small finsh nail.

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