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Handy Dandy 01-18-2011 08:51 PM

Frigidaire water dispenser - slow flow
Hi there,

The water flow through the dispenser on my Frigidaire side-by-side (model number: FRS20ZRG) slowed to a tiny trickle after I replaced the water filter recently. The ice dispenser works just fine. When I remove the water filter cover inside the refrigerator and press the dispenser button, water shoots down so I know it's getting that far. I know you have to wait patiently to clear the air from the lines...I've cycled through that process at least a dozen times, so I'm pretty sure it's more than that. My guess is there is some type of blockage between water filter housing and the there a way to clear the lines without disassembling the entire unit? Any other ideas? Thanks.

hardwareman 01-18-2011 11:02 PM

how was the fill before the filter change? perhaps you have gotten a bad filter, it does happen.if the filter is good you could possibly have a water valve that is getting bad or you may have the line tap on your water supply getting plugged. it could be any 1 of these things and you will just have to eliminate potential problems 1 at a time, I'd start at the line tap.

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