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jiffycop@gmail. 06-14-2013 09:29 AM

Frigidaire Ice and Water Dispenser Problem
My Frigidaire refrigerator is dispensing ice through the front door and won't shut off. The problem began after I did another DIY repair to fix the water valve actuator.

The model # is PHLS69EESS2 which has a built in Ice dispenser and water dispenser in the freezer door. Recently, the water actuator paddle (tab) that you would depress with the edge of a drinking glass to start the water flow to fill the glass broke off.

I ordered the replacement part and installed it. I re-assembled the assembly, which consists of the water actuator valve, an Ice flow paddle that depresses a small micro-switch and two circuit boards (one attached to the assembly that fits inside the freezer door and another that is attached to the decorative cover by way of a small ribbon wiring harness which provides controls to various buttons on the door e.g. extra ice, crush ice, filter status, etc). When I plugged in the ribbon wiring harness to the circuit board in the decorative cover, the icemaker turned on and began dispensing ice, even though the actuator paddle that would normally be depressed in order to activate the icemaker was not being depressed or touched.

At this point I can determine that one of three parts were damaged during my repair or are bad:
1. Perhaps I damaged the ribbon wiring harness that attaches the two circuit boards
2. I don't know how, but perhaps one of the two circuit boards (the one in the door, or the one that is mounted on the decorative cover somehow got damaged or shorted during the water valve actuator replacement.

Since both circuit boards are sold separately and are rather expensive $100-$150 each, I'd like to try to narrow the problem down before ordering more parts.



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