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cowboy dan 10-06-2011 08:32 PM

fridgidare laundry (washer)
ok, so i own one lol. guess what? it broke, 2 months after the warranty expired. but it's throwing me through a loop. it's binding. you would think bearing right away right. but what if i tell you that it drains and spins? it completes wash cycles up to one certain point, the last rinse cycle before the final spin then i can simply unjam it by hand, press resume and it continues. it will do this for the remainder of that portion of cycle, then it's fine. it completes the drain and final spin but there is one point in all wash cycles that it binds. it shredded a belt and when replaced, it worked fine for a few weeks. i have the med quality unit (non digital display). i ran it for trouble codes and it comes up with the safety lock malfunction. here is a good question... is there a safety brake that locks up when the computer thinks the door is open? any other thoughts are welcome. i can use the spin cycle but man, the bath tub ain't no place for laundry. this unit is only 5yrs old. and i thought i was doing myself a favor by upgrading to he. i'm regretting the purchase right............... now.

the dryer ain't nothin to ride home about either. it has cost my wife 10+ garmets atleast.

hardwareman 10-06-2011 10:58 PM

what do you mean by " it binds" ? how do you know it binds, does it make a noise or does it just stop? there are several reasons it could just stop spinning or not go into a spin.
No, there is no brake on your washer. If the board thinks the door is open it simply will not spin at all and will throw a code.

cowboy dan 10-09-2011 08:07 AM

what i mean is that the pully on the back somehow comes to sudden stop. the housing and motor assembly will gyro in the suspension. i can watch as it happens, something rubs unevenly and will not let go. the motor then starts spinning in the tracks of the belt. it does this 3 times and then shuts off. i unplug the washer, remove the belt, grab the pully and manually turn the pully counter clock wise. when what ever is binding releases, i can spin the pully by hand. it still sounds as though it's rubbing, but with more hand spins, the noise reduces to nothing. i plug it back in and turn knob to drain/spin, it resumes normal operating, including high speed final spin. i have checked the green wire connections to the mother board and removed the safety lock unit. the black connector seemed loose, but it did not feel disconnected. i have looked at exploded diagrams and can not see anything that could make this possible. but i also know that the motor itself does not have the capability to stop the drum with wet cloths. the pinion gear is to small. i think it has to have help. this is as far as i have gotten.

cowboy dan 10-11-2011 05:00 PM

update: fixed. it would seem as though there is some kind of brake on this unit. i replaced the door lock assembly. which i have read is a common problem for this he washer. it works through to the end. the computer told me, i just didn't believe

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