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benjamincall 06-15-2012 02:32 PM

Electric Hand Truck for Built in Refrigerator
I just used an electric hand truck (Lectro Truck brand) to pick up a built in refrigerator (no, I didn't give up on repairing the fridge in my other post).

So when I arrived to pick up my Craigslist special, the unit was not out on the street as I expected. I used the electric hand truck to move a 7' tall, 500 lb. built-in fridge across the house, over a sliding glass door track, immediately down two steps, down another eight steps, 50 feet across a sloping yard (soft earth), straight up onto my trailer (no tilt bed), off the trailer, and across my yard.

The last time I did this sort of job, I barely got the fridge up my front steps with a helper and a utility dolly.

The difference was night a day. The hand truck was definitely work the $140 I paid for the day. Granted, I was working with a 700 lb. refrigerator last time, but I expended a fraction of the effort this time, and I didn't need to use ropes or to have my neighbor straining to get the thing off me when it fell.

When my wife saw the hand truck in action, she offered to get me one for next father's day. She hates having to help when the neighbors aren't around. These things are a real life saver, but not too many equipment rental outfits seem to carry them in my area.

Edit: I was able to carry the fridge on the 27" dimension, so I easily moved move the hand truck through a 36" doorway. Besides the ability to raise the wheel assembly, the model I used had all sorts of handles and a leverage bar to easily "break over" the load. Once the wheel assembly is off the ground, tipping the truck is no problem, and you can lower the hand truck easily onto the wheels in their elevated position. On a standard utility hand truck with a load in this configuration, you have to have one person push the far side of the appliance while the person holding the hand truck rocks the top of the fridge and tries to maintain control of the load. Oh yeah, to make any headway out in the rough, you need the clip-on "rough terrain" pneumatic tires.

Check out some of these videos:

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