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aggreX 05-16-2010 12:32 PM

Electric Dryer repair assistance
Tenant states the following electric dryer issues : squealing noises and burn rubber smell. I change the belt and remove all the built up lint and the dryer runs great but stops after two minutes. Press the start button and only a "ackk" noise occurs. Repeated pressing of the start button results in just a click. Wait about ten minutes as the unit "cools" down and the dryer will run but only for about two minutes. What parts do you recommend replacing or checking?

Kenmore Series 90 dryer
Model 110.66902691


Yoyizit 05-16-2010 03:45 PM

Overtemp switch is kicking out, for a valid reason?
Is any air being exhausted from this dryer?

aggreX 05-16-2010 03:56 PM

Great!.. that could be the culprit.... It was late last night after I cleaned out all the built up lint in the dryer and changed the belt. I will check the entire lint exhaust pipe from the dryer on out

aggreX 05-16-2010 10:07 PM

Update: I checked the dryer exhaust and it was not clogged with lint. The dryer started easily but only ran for a minute and would not restart. I waited about ten minutes and pressed the start button a few more times but the dryer did not start and began to emit a burnt plastic smell. Local appliance store has a new motor for 135 versus a new dryer for 350....decisions....

Scuba_Dave 05-16-2010 10:11 PM

One older dryer I had when I changed the belt I had to adjust the spring too
It was too loose & the belt was still slipping
I think it lasted maybe another 1-2 years after that

How old is the dryer ?

aggreX 05-16-2010 10:28 PM

Age of dryer is unknown (included with home purchase) but it appears to be about 8 years old and looks similar to dryers currently selling for around 350-400. The new belt installation was smooth and had a nice tight fit.

boman47k 05-19-2010 07:04 AM

110 denotes a Whirlpool built Kenmore dryer. Sounds like maybe the motor switch is over heating and kicking off.

Look at the bulkhead (back of drum). If I am thinking right, there is a grill like area in the upper right corner on the inside. Make sure it the holes are clear.

Check all drum rollers and or glides to make sure the drum is not binding or dragging.

The smell bothers me. Makes me suspect the centrifugal switch at the motor switch is not letting the run windings kick in. You may be smelling the start windings get hot before the motor switch kicks the power off.

Take the motor relay switch off the top of the motor and carefully get it apart to check the contacts. They will look kind of like points for a car.

I would also check all the thermostats.

Sorry if I seem to be all over the place with this. It has been a while since I have worked on appliances.

Post a serial # and I may be able to get you the age on it.

boman47k 05-19-2010 07:56 AM

Does this dryer act the same way in timed and auto settings? If the timer advances in the timed setting, it is a good sign the timer is okay. If it does not advance in the auto setting, be sure and check the operating stat as it may not be cutting out and sending power to the timer in order for the timer to advance.

I'm thinking the operating stat will have 3 wires, one smaller than the other two.

P.s. be sure and blow the ends of the motor (bells) out also. Motor could have a lot of lint in it not letting it cool.

aggreX 05-19-2010 11:27 AM

Thanks I'll provide serial# later after work. I will check out the items you mentioned for my educational purposes and keep it as a spare since I am leaning towards purchasing a new unit. Prices are very attractive versus a new Motor but they are built so cheaply today And some new brands (haier:( are being imported
I do not believe the timer is defective

boman47k 05-19-2010 11:46 AM

Take the motor relay switch off the top of the motor and carefully get it apart to check the contacts. They will look kind of like points for a car.

Got to thinking about this statement and realized I am wrong. They will be blade like connections. I must have been thinking of timer contacts.

Man, it has been a while!

For the last few years appliances have not been made to last like the older ones. Imo, 7 to 8 years is a long time to expect trouble free operation.

P.s. I agree on considering a new dryer if the motor is bad, especially if this dryer has much age on it. Unless you could find a good used motor from someone that works on appliances.

You may still want to try it in the timed cycle. But, I really think you have a motor gone bad. Question is, what caused it to go bad? Age or something else that will cost even more money before it affects a new motor if you go that route.

aggreX 05-23-2010 04:01 PM


Originally Posted by boman47k (Post 444030)

Post a serial # and I may be able to get you the age on it.

Serial# MH0536008
Kenmore Series 90
Type 138-00

boman47k 05-23-2010 04:22 PM

I think that dryer was manufactured in 1998.

May be too late, but I would also blow the motor itself out the best I could. Lint can get inside and not let the motor cool as it should.

Check the wheel itself on the idler and all slides or rollers the drum rides on for the sqealing. And any felt that may be around the drum of case.

I'm pretty sure about the date. Btw, the 5th week of 1998 from what I can find online, since I have no chance of finding my info here. I am not sure I ever worked on that late of a model. Maybe they have not change a lot from what I have worked on. I never got into circuit boards and appliances with wax door switches and such.

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