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dryer not drying

My dryer has been taking forever to dry anything so checked the back hose and no blockage. I tipped the unit backwards and about 2 cups of water poured out. any ideas? also the instructions say," don't use thin foil duct, causes fire." That's what is on there, is this true?


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They phased out the plastic vent. Then went to the foil.. Now they say the foil causes lint to be trapped & may cause fires.. Is thre dryer elec or gas.. if elec could have bad element or moisture sensor


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If water poured out of the dryer it’s a good chance the vent has filled up with water. Changing it is what I would recommend if this were the case. The company I work for has been using the foil vent for 15 years now and have had no trouble. Although I will not say that it will not cause a fire but I will say that I will continue to use it.

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If you have a build up of moisture the humdity sensor may keep the dryer running for long periods.
Disconnect it from the wwall , put a nylon over the exhaust and run it for two loads , one timed, one auto. If it works well and shuts off the issue is likely in your venting. Also inspect the lower exhaust duct inisde the dryer for blockage ,... this is sock heaven. If the duct is blocked humidty may build up in the dryer and the duct as well due to lack of sufficent air flow. I had this happen when my infant son threw bounce sheets in below the lint screen on the dryer door.... a half box of bounce sheets.
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Just for an FYI, the foil and corrugated (slinky) vent tubing be it for exhausting or for furnace duct work can impede the air flow, though I have used it in the past for both scenarios without problems I will only use flexible duct for short hvac runs and only solid aluminum pipe for dryer vents.

Just like the exhaust system of a 1967 Mustang it is crucial to have the right back pressure to operate correctly, too little pressure (glass pack) or too much pressure (potato) can cause the machine to run badly. This I know from experience: read Thrush.
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Clean the dryer very thoroughly of lint. You can get tools that hook up to you wet/dry vac that gown dow the lint screen opening. You'll be amazed how much lint you'll get out of there!
Keeping the unit clean goes a long way towards efficien t drying.


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