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Dryer booster fan

I wanted to install a dryer booster fan since my duct is over 30 feet long. I was wondering do I need to buy a lint trap to go along with it? Also I measured the duct circumference which comes to 14" and hence the diameter seems to be 4.5". Most fans are for 4". Do I have to buy an adapter?


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Thirty feet (30') of dryer ducting is a long run for an ordinary dryer fan to push damp air. Please do not tell me that the current thirty feet of ducting is PVC piping. The local codes allowed the use of PVC dryer duct around here some few years ago so that the PVC piping could be put in before a concrete pad/floor could be poured. Then the fires started: The PVC piping would hold onto the damp lint being forced from the dryer and allow it to build up. The built-up lint would dry out within the PVC piping which caused the moving damp air from the dryer to be "back-pressured", if you will, then this would get hot enough to start the dry lint on the inside of the PVC to catch fire. They have now changed the code so that this is not permitted. Even if you have metal ducting this is a long run. If you measured the outside circumference you may have the fourteen inches (14") as stated. A fan for your application would need to have flanges on each end for mounting and appropriate flanges bought or made for your ducting. This would also have to be an FM/UL listed fan for this application.


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No it is not PVC piping it is flex duct. Do I need an auxiliary lint trap to go with the fan when my dryer already has a lint trap.
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I would check the dryer manufacturer's ducting limits, it may surprise you, some older ones; http://www.appliance411.com/faq/dryer-vent-length.shtml

Any flex ducting is only allowed as transition duct- in the laundry room only; 8' maximum length, not buried in a wall/floor;

Some local codes may prohibit "booster fans"; check with your local AHJ.

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17,000 dryer fires a year, when did you last clean the inside of the dryer near motor or the exhaust ducting?
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You need to get rid of all the flex duct and use rigid metal. And as far as I know, there is no such thing as 4.5" duct; you almost certainly want 4". Get some help if you don't know how to install dryer duct as there are some specific requirements, i.e., you can't screw the sections together, joints should be wrapped with metal tape, etc.

I installed a booster fan in one of my homes and never had any issues with it. I don't doubt Gary's statement about some local codes, though I've never lived anywhere that prohibited booster fans. Or that required a permit to install one.
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