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Originally Posted by notmrjohn View Post
plus chagrin when repair man pulls mushroom from hose.
I am telling you all. I did not chew or smoke them all! There really was a small mushroom stem the ID of the hose. Stuck and killing the dishwasher In Northern California.


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I agree with the above comments. Be safe, shut off power, but then don't be afraid to tinker with dishwashers. They are relatively low tech devices and are readily repairable by a DIYer with a little knowledge and help. They all do more or less the same thing with slightly different parts.

Parts tend to be dirt cheap, so even if something is broken it isn't ruinous to replace them. It actually can be fun and educational to repair one (after you figure out why you have a puddle of water in your kitchen and dirty dishes, anyway)
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I vaguely remember having similar issues with my GE profile pdw9200 dishwasher.

In addition to what others have suggested, have you looked at your drain hose to see if it is not blocked with food particles? This would especially be true if you have a garbage disposal.

You will need to pull out the dishwasher and either flush it or install a new one to see if the problem goes away.

Just make sure to turn off the circuit breaker before pulling out the dishwasher.

Good luck
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" relatively low tech devices"..."Parts tend to be dirt cheap" It is kinda odd that the "higher" tech electic and plumbing parts, timers, pumps, solenoids etc are cheap compared to other appliances and are relativly dependable. Its the smaller things like rollers, clips and "convenience" items like adjustable baskets with flip tops, adjustable rack tines that are cheaply made, flimsily attached, easily breakable and comparitivly expensive . Seems like the more important a piece is the more poorly designed it is.
What I broke on mine was one of two very thin tabs that clip over a ring molded around lower arm and tower assembly. Vertical plastic support was too thick to be flexible, maybe okver the years it had become brittle, horizontal tab was plastic on moving plastic, had worn thin and snapped right off. Without it arm flys right off.

Little tab was continuos part of riser tube, bottom of tub, pump assembly mount, molded water channels and who knows what all. Cost of it was $90, replacement required complete diassassembly to bare tub in top, removal of pump and all attached plumbing and electrical underneath. Making new L shape retainer required stripping tub to reach any reasonable attachment point. I made a sort of washer from plastic jar lid. Smaller hole diameter of arm just above ring, larger incomplete hole to fit over riser, left two tabs extending from large hole into diameter of smaller, slid it down over riser,tabs extended thru water inlet slots in riser. Slid arm down till tabs clipped over ring. 3 years ago, working fine, jar lid even seems to be slippier than original plastic.

None of that really has anything to do with kar's problem or the price of mushroom soup in France, except that a simple task, that really oughta be part of regular maintenance, like cleaning sump, can be overly difficult because of access problems poorly designed hidden cheap flimsy attachment methods. I'd say clogged sump and clogged hose are equall suspects. It should be easier to clean inside of unit than pulling it out for average "un-handy" person. Sump cover in kar's unit should be held in with two easily accesable screws, not flimsy plastic clips which may be integral part of larger tub bottom. Drain hose should be easily accesable, should exit unit near front so unit does not have to be slid out all the way, which can a hassle for "unhandy Andy" if installed on copper line or short power cord.

Next time you are washing mushrooms or chopped carrots put them in nylon mesh bag. The flip tops on convenient rack baskets will fly off, being held on with poorly designed, cheap, molded in place , brittle, thin, plastic. When washing car parts or paint buckets and roller trays, make sure boss lady will be gone long enough to clean both them and washer afterwards.
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Many thanks to everyone who helped ...special thanks especially to notmrjohn...with his help I was able to find the part 508 and drained the water out of it with shopvac and now dishwasher is working fine....

Once Again thanks a lot for everyone....


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