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dishwasher leaving soapy residue

We own an old maytag jetclean DAY9906BAB dishwasher. Recently it has been leaving soapy residue on some plates and especially on glasses up top. Seeing as the holidays are are here and money is tight does anyone have any troubleshooting suggestions? Thanks!


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First thing to check is the air valve on the sink....make sure it's not blocked. It's that thing sticking up on the back side of the sink that seems to not have any purpose. If you look under the sink, you will see it tee's into the drain hose for the washer.

Next....if your seeing food in there as well, I'm going to say that your chopper is bad. Connected to the pump is a disk that turns with the pump....all the water is pulled through this disk that basically looks like a disk with holes in's purpose is to chop up the food so that it will go down the drain without damageing the pump.

It's not unusual for the chopper to get a bone or something hard in it and the shaft breaks.

If you pull off the kick plate, you should find the schematic on the back side. And the internet has a ton of info on how to pull the machine apart.

When I replaced mine, I think the part was like $26.


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first thing to do is remove the filter on top of the pump, I can almost guarantee it is plugged or partial plugged. Remove the spray arm then remove the four screws in the pump cover, remove the cover and you should see a mesh filter. Take it out and clean it good.
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Ok so please keep in mind that this is the first time I've tried to fix a dishwasher. Unfortunately there is no manual online so I'm kind of lost on where the pump and each filter is. I took off the kick plate but it just has a general electrical schematic and no help. I will be posting pics shortly. I greatly appreciate the help.
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Ok so the first one is of the spray ARM off. It does have standing water in it all around the area where the screws are. The second was a filter that is at the front right of the dishwasher. It was clean.

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There are cleaners which you can run through the dishwasher. I would give that a try first. What also works is a glass or cup of vinegar, placed on the top rack, right side up of course. Another method is to wait until the machine is full, then pour the vinegar in the standing water. Let the machine run a full cycle. The vinegar will help clean all the tubes and orfices and may make a difference in the soapy residue issue. I would try it a couple of times, then run your normal load. Use the vinegar when the machine is empty.


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