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BigJimmy 03-18-2007 10:52 AM

Dishwasher Leaves Food On Dishes

About 1.5 years ago, I purchased and installed a new Kenmore dishwasher in our home (no brand-bashing please). While looking for a water supply hose at the BORG, I decided to try this "Flood Safe" hose based on claims that it will apparently shut itself off in the event of a break in the line. Recently, I learned that these hoses do in fact restrict the overal flow to the appliance.

Sometimes we get marginal operation, i.e. leftover food particles on the dishes after a cycle. I wondered if the hose could be restricting flow on the fill cycle so that there was less water than the appliance was expecting to have. But, if this is true, I would assume that the dishwasher opens the inlet supply valve for a fixed duration of time instead of measuring the accumulated water level prior to starting (working with control systems and understanding that water pressures will vary from one home to another, I would have assumed that the unit was working on level via direct measurement). Thinking back to the installation manual, I'm almost positive that I remember there being a requirement that the available flow of the water source is greater than "x" gpm. So, perhaps the hose is really causing our issues?

Love to hear any insights on this.


troubleseeker 03-23-2007 09:17 PM

Don't know about these devices restricting the water flow, but since you describe this as a "sometimes" problem, it may be large items occassionally shielding smaller ones from the spray.

mikemy6 03-24-2007 09:15 AM

Every Dw ive worked on has a float in a dome shape cover and pump down before fill.Open the door and check water level after the solinoid valve closes.
Sounds like a drain problem. Make sure that you drain tube is clear,also this tube must not be kinked and at some point its max hight must be higher than the point it drains to.
When I use my Dw i allways run the water in my sink untill its hot and then run the disposal till its clear.

girltech 03-19-2008 01:10 PM

All dishwashers a time filled and have a float that will shut the water off if the water pressure is high and the dishwasher fill in a shorter period of time.

The maximum water pressure is 120 psi and the minimum is 20 psi.

The flood safe hose are a good idea.

They should not effect the operation of the dishwasher.

When you hear the dishwasher stop filling open the door and check the water level. It should be just under the heating element.

Make sure that nothing else in the house is drawing water when the dishwasher is in use.

Grit on the dishes can be caused but different thing.

If the water temperature is not hot enough the detergent will not dissolve.

Old detergent will not dissolve properly so you should make sure that you by from a store that move there product fast and never have over a thirty day supply on hand.

If anything has been broken in the dishwasher it is possible that a piece of glass has done damage to the impeller.

If you have your model number and need Appliance parts you can get them here.

pcampbell 03-19-2008 01:18 PM

I don't know if this is your problem or not,but you hear this all the time: We've tried all types of detergents. Liquid, powder. More, less, vinegar, no vinegar, etc.

I turned up our hot water heater and our dishes come out gleaming. Temperature is about or more than 140. HEAT does so much. I had it turned down to save money but saving a few bucks isn't worth junk all over my dishes!

WE have a very bottom line dishwasher. It is the absolute bottom of the line $200 home depot job.

graphicsource 03-26-2008 02:44 PM

We bought a new washer too, and I thought it was a terrible purchase until we had a guy come out for a different appliance, and suggested that we let the water in the kitchen sink get "HOT" before turning the dishwasher on. That did the trick. Since the newer dishwashers don't use as much water (1.5 gallons supposedly), it didn't have time for the water to get hot before it had all the water it needed.

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