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dobson 02-08-2012 05:11 PM

dent in fridge door
I have a stainless steel fridge with a dent in the door have tried a hairdryer then ice helped a bit but I dont think the ice is cold enough

AtlanticWBConst. 02-08-2012 05:14 PM

Not much you can do with it. It's not like popping a dent out of a car.

The door panels are sealed, so you can't go in from behind and do anything with it.

I'd suggest that you learn to live with it.

joecaption 02-08-2012 05:27 PM

How big is the dent? A picture would help.
May never be 100% again but sometimes one of those suction cub with a handle on it can pop it out.
There sold to help handle large pieces of glass and there's another one that's sold as an assist handle to be used in a bathtub for older people.
They all work the same and may be able to pop it out without any damage.

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