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mazzonetv 07-28-2009 07:09 PM

DCS range help
I have a DCS range which started cooking very slow and I was getting that infamous "pop" when turning on - so I figured the ignitor was bad and no big deal to change. Ok, so what I didn't know is that there are two ignitors in this range. The only visible ignitor was for the broiler, so I changed that and POP - the ignitor actually broke as soon as the broiler goes on. So I call up DCS and they send me out a new ignitor which I change again, and the same thing happens, as soon as the broiler lights the ceramic element that actually glows breaks. Unfortunately, after this happens I realize that there is another ignitor inside the lower panel of the range - not visible from inside the range. The only way I noticed that it was even there was because I could see the glow when trying to turn the oven on. Now I am at the point where I figure I have to call someone in - good luck finding someone that works on this brand. CAn anyone provide any insight on what could actually cause the new ignitorss to break like that? Did I use the wrong ignitor in the wrong place? When I called for the part they didn't ask me which ignitor so I was assuming that both ignitors are the same. I am leaning towards there being another problem with the range that is causing these things to break - does that sound feasible?

Thank you!

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