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Alto 11-22-2010 02:39 AM

countertop on washer dryer
I have to replace a Frigidaire front load washer and dryer that are in a pretty tight spot. The present machines fir perfectly, 36 inches high X 24" deep and 24" wide each one. The top on the old units stretch right across the whole unit and cover it and i used to remove the aluminum top and replace it with a countertop. The weight of the countertop held it on.

The new Frigidaire Gallery front loaders are built on the same aluminum box; 36 inches high. However. the top is a little different. On the newer ones the face of the washer and dryer d-the control panels at the top of the units-- is higher than on the old ones. Instead of the top of the units covering the entire 24 inches, on the new ones the top inserts into the unit and butts up against the face (control panel). Just as the top butts up against the front face control panel, the rear of the top hangs over the back of the machine. Because it hangs over, the entire top is now around 25 1/2 inches, a little too deep for my spot. I expect that the top hangs over the rear of the machines to cover a portion of it that protrudes out; in my spot, that protrusion would never be noticeable and I do not have to cover it. Therefore, i was that instead of placing my counter top on top of the aluminum top of the washer and dryer, removing the aluminum top and replacing it with a nice piece of 3/4 inch plywood that I have (that seems to me the width of the aluminum top) and substituting the wood; have it butt up against the front control panel and have it cover both the washer and the dryer as a single, continuous countertop.

It sounds like an easy job to me. Am i missing anything? What problem should I anticipate?

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