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cordless electric knives

Every time that I use our electric knife, I end up cussing out the cord, so had been thinking that we should get a cordless one. The problem with that though is that we probably only use it 3 or 4 times a year, so it doesn't warrant counter space the other 360+ days, which we could solve by moving it to the utility room, or wherever, but even then it seems that the charger is going to continuously use electricity, or we charge it when we're done, and throw it in a drawer, in which case the battery will probably be drained when we want to use it the next time. Anyway, I am going to check them out, but assume that our usage is not unique, so wondered if anyone had any thoughts in this regard.


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Originally Posted by DexterII View Post
wondered if anyone had any thoughts in this regard.
Dex, ol bud, dump the electric knife and get a decent real one (or a set) WITH a good rat tail knife sharpener. Like the pros.


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Welllll Noquacks, I guess that I had that one coming, huh?!?!?! A DIY site, with this crowd, and some idiot wants to talk about electric carving knives. We actually have very good knives, and at least three sharpeners like you described (dang, the name for them escapes me right now), and I have skinned and cleaned enough game over the years to know which end is the handle, so I will give it a try, and see how it goes. It's just one of those stupid idiosyncrasies, where I use a regular knife when it's just the two of us, which is the vast majority of the time, but throw 12 or so other people in the mix, everyone wanting to talk at once, all in the way of us trying to move the meal from the oven to the table, and I have a tendancy to want to whip out the electric one. Never thought about it, but maybe it's just because it makes noise and gives me some more space to maneuver. But, I think you're right. The opportunity will soon be upon us again, so before doing anything, we'll whip out a real knife, and give it a shot. Good advice. Thank you.
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The problem with electric knives is that you dare not use them more than a few times per year. There is no easy way to sharpen the blades and they can warp on you. You are better off spending the money on a good knife and having it sharpened periodically. Or, get a good home sharpener. Sharp knives are safe knives. One that is dull to the point it slides around will end up hurting you. I have a nice set of knives with nice riveted handles that did not cost a fortune. I have gone through sharpeners of different kinds and found taking them to a service once a year or so works out great. As mentioned, one of those rat tail dressing rods will stretch the time between sharpeners. They are not knife sharpeners though.

I guess the other thing I have never liked about electric knives is they seem unbalanced to me. Truth be known, I guess I have used them most outside the kitchen for trimming frozen foam for custom camera bags and things.

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