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Felipon 01-30-2008 06:29 PM

Can I T my new dryer's exhaust into my bathrooms exhaust?
So I am going to buy one of those 24" x 24" stackable washer dryer combos. They both run off of 120 volt.

I want to run the exhaust into the bathroom's exhaust fan exhaust; but I am not sure wether I will run into any problems because of this.

My only other option would be to run a 13 foot exhaust tube through my bedroom to the outside. If I go with this option I will have to box it in along the ceiling and it will look unattractive.

How can I make sure that it will be ok to run it into the bathroom's exhaust?


bigMikeB 01-30-2008 06:51 PM

A dryer by code has to have it's own independant exhaust. It will fill up with lint and it becomes a fire hazzard. The straighter the better and tape the joints, no screws.

nap 01-30-2008 06:53 PM

You do not want to T it into your nath exhaust.

You do not state if the dryer is gas or electric but because it is 120 volt, I would think it is gas. If it is, the results of you suggestion could be lethal. Do NOT do it.

If it is an electric dryer, you still have the problem of all the moisture going where you may not want it. Remember, air flows to the least resistance and if for some reason that is back into your bathromm, or from the bath to the dryer, then that is where it will go, along with the lint, moisture, and whatever else it carries with it.

Aside from this, I suspect it is against building codes to do this.

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