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eccentric1 09-25-2012 08:24 PM

Burnt Felt? Dryer problem
Hi all,

Got my furnace running just in time to keep me plenty toasty while I try and figure out why my dryer quit.

I have a frigidaire laundry center model # GLGT1031CS1. The rear drum bearing has been chirping away for a while. Yesterday it was screaming and this morning the drum won't turn. Procrastination has a tendency to bite you big.

I checked on a new bearing kit for it and find it reasonably priced, so I tear into it when I get home from work.

Imagine my surprise when I find burnt lint next to the burner tube. Seems that the seal around the blower housing has deteriorated and I think lint is getting into the burner area. Not good.

I pull the drum out and the felt around the rear housing looks burnt and partially missing. Worse.

So I have 15.00 in a bearing kit, 45.00 in a blower housing (only way to get the foam seal) and 188.00 in a rear drum housing (only way to get the felt). And I still do not know if these problems were a domino effect or if I should be looking at something else. I did find a wire that obviously saw some heat at one point but the heat was external to the wire, it only blistered the waxy coating. It was to the igniter.

Is it possible to do additional diagnosis before putting it all back together, or are these just things to expect in an older dryer? After so many years seals and felt are bound to break down.

Any ideas or thoughts would be genuinely appreciated.


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