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which is the best in appliances Bosch, Samsung, LG or Kitchenaide

I am rennovating my kitchen and will need new everything, range, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher and Front Load washer, dryer
Was considering a Bosch package but not impressed with some of the reviews i have read. can you please recommend to me


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The best place to find that answer is a local appliance store. Not a big box retailer. Go in and get to know them, they are a wealth of knowledge on the products they sell. They also will have a good service dept that actually has trained service tech's. The big box stores will tell you what ever you want to hear or what they think you want to hear. I have a local appliance store that I know the owners well. They are able to answer any question I have on all major appliances and know which brands have issues (they all do).


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Samsung front load laundry is great. Maytag- Whirlpool makes a good range and dishwasher. Samsung makes good refrigerators.
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It depends....all the brands you mention may excel in one area, and in others they may fall short. e.g., I believe Bosch dishwashers are the best. I used to have one in an old house and when I bought a new house with an old DW I ( stupidly ) didn't get another one. I did get a Kitchenaid, and I hate it. Loud-er than the old Bosch, loading isn't near as efficient, and it was about $100 more than a Bosch I was looking at. Buyers remorse from the first time I ran it, LOL.

Check reviews of items you're looking at in various places - big box store's web sites, Amazon, a local appliance store, etc. See what other people say about them. Everything has something people wont like, and things they love, and those things are different for different people. I have a Maytag french door fridge, with ice/water through the door. I was the Ice2O series, one of the first fridges to come out like that back in 2006. Overall the fridge has been pretty good, but one thing drives me batty with it....no matter what I do, a sliver or full cube of ice always ends up on the floor from the dispenser, sometimes multiple cubes/slivers. I was reading a recent review of a newer model, and the same issue still plagues them, which I found pretty funny that in 6 years they still haven't fixed that.

If you happen to be looking at Kenmore or Kenmore Elite appliances, keep in mind Sears makes none of them, they're all made by another manuf - LG, GE, Samsung, Whirlpool, etc. and in some cases the same model from the "original" maker is less expensive than the Kenmore one. I think Whirlpool is now touting "made in the USA", I saw a fridge with that on big sign on the inside. I think they say they're made in Oklahoma, or somewhere out in that area. The sign should more accurately read - "assembled in the USA", as that's what's really happening, since every part of their construction is made overseas.
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Fords are better that Chevys (IMO).

Use Consumer Reports and get informed, unbiased ratings. I would not stick with a single brand, go with the best ( within you pocketbook) for each appliance.
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Originally Posted by rjniles View Post
Fords are better that Chevys (IMO).
...... They sure the are!!


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