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dark7068 11-08-2007 10:25 AM

bathroom venting
my wife and i jsut bought a house, and the PO remodeled the bathroom. Theres a laundry room adition in it, and the batroom i guess had a window facing the addition so they remodeled the bathtub with surround, and filled in the window and put a vent there. THey drywalled the whole but didnt put any insulation around the vent or cover the outside of it (looking into the addition).
It gets cold in the bathroom with the door closed cuz the draft comes in there,, could i put up some insulation and cover the hole with plywood?? Or is there a minimum space required to allow airflow or whatever..

thank you

edit* i can take a pic of the venting if needed.


Ron6519 11-09-2007 03:47 PM

If the vent goes to the exterior, insulate around the pipe, plywood the exterior and put a vent cap with a damper to keep the cold air from getting in. No need for clearance around the pipe if it's for a bath or dryer vent.

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