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patrick111 11-25-2011 08:45 PM

asko 3530 install problem
I am installing an ASKO 3530 dishwasher but I have run into a frustrating problem. The water-in line appears to be a 3/8 pec-type hose - but in fact, it's diameter is slightly larger (maybe 1 mm) - and so I cannot put on a pressure fitting 3/8inOD as would seem appropriate. What can I do ? I cut a piece of the hose and brought it to 3 local plumbing shops but did not get a solution. They thought it might be a metric vs. imperial problem, (I am in Canada) but I called Asko and they assured me that this model (its from a few years ago) should have a 3/8 water-in hose coming out the back - but IT DOED NOT - it has a slightly larger diameter hose !! I suppose I can try to replace the hose completely but it seems to be imbedded quite deep in the bowels of the machine. There must be an easier solution. Any help here would be most appreciated. Thanks.

kennzz05 11-26-2011 08:05 PM

sand it down i know really time consuming

wait, plastic or copper
if copper it could be brazed onto the female end of a fitting or soldered

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