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matermark 01-30-2009 10:01 PM

Any opinions on the new LG LMX25981ST 4-door refrigerator?
I bought one refurbished but had to take the doors off to get it thru my front door, and was going to do some remodeling so didn't reassemble it yet. It's the French door style with both water & ice in the door and has 2 freezer drawers. I got it cheap on ebay and bought a 4-year extended warranty because of all the electronics as well as a local appliance chain said LG is one of their most problem brands.

Does anybody own one of these? It's the LMX25981ST.

Any opinions, problems, etc would be greatly appreciated.

Chemist1961 01-31-2009 05:31 AM

So, just curious, did you buy it before or after talking to the local chain? I don't have one but have been eyeing the LG large cap laundry duo. JD Power rated the laundry units very well last year and I believe their studies carry some weight but that doesn't end the process for me..
In shopping for a range last year it came down to LG and Bosch for me. I didn't pour over it for hours. I compared side by side in several local retailers with many brands. I was vey impressed with the LG fit and finish and practicality. From my perspective LG appears to be climbing fast and very well built. I opted for a Bosch because I already gave a Bosch dishwasher which I like although it has had two service issues, one coverred by warranty, one a cicuit bord isssue which I repaired myself after googling.
When I want reliability info I generally talk to a service tech since many sales people I've met have their old favourites and don't like new competition or change. I like to look under the hood so to speak. While LG has a smaller market share you don't see their brand popping up here continually with service issues. On the other hand I read about Frigidaire and Kenmore ice maker issues on here continually and I have one of those problematic SBS Frigidaires. Coincidentally Frigidaire was making several SBS Kenmore fridges of the same era under private label...

I tend to gravitate to sales people who emphasize what's best about their products

matermark 01-31-2009 10:31 PM

I bought it AFTER talking to a local appliance store. It was also about half price... that includes freight & warranty, not to mention saving tax too. Maybe that had a lot to do with it.

I originally liked it for the water & ice in the door, which isn't very common in French door models because it's a refrigerator behind both doors whereas side-by-side it is more common, & easier to impliment. The Maytag Ice2-O was the first I believe but the dispensers and icemakers on them were fairly small. This LG can hold pitchers as well as cups.

I also liked it for the full width compartment. I can probably store a sheet pizza in its box in the compartment. The LED lighting is a nice innovation too.

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