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Agitator-less washer good?

We've been shopping for a washer/dryer and have been told that agitator top loaders are going out, and soon only agitator-less washers will be available. I've noticed tons of complaints about them on the internet. The salesperson says that that is just because people don't know how to use them correctly. What do you guys think?
Also my wife wants LG, do you guys have good experience with this brand? Also do you think a moisture sensor in the dryer is valuable and are they reliable? We have an in wall dryer duct that is too long.


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no agitator, energy efficient top load washers are definetly the wave of the future. They are pretty good but if I was buying a new washer dryer and spending that kind of money I would definetly go with a front loader.
LG has a very bad rep in the appliance service industry.


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I've read a lot of complaints about agitorless on the internet. But my wife's pals say it is good.
What do you mean about LG having a bad rep in the repair industry? They break down a lot or they are hard to repair, or they have bad service? Wifey's pals believe LG washer/dryers have superior technology and parts.
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We bought one of the agitatorless washers and we are not happy with it. Maybe we don't know how to use it yet but there are no instructions to say to use it any other way than the way we did with the regular washers. They will tear your clothes. I wouldn't buy another one if we have a choice.
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They appear to be the wave of the future-but da future ain't here yet. if you get one, follow the user guide to a T. if applicable to your setup; i'd also opt for the front load-i personaly like GE-it breaks but IMO less often than the only other one i'd consider=full size Whirl[not Sport]...LG's are harder to get parts and service for-when they break..don't know why they or Samsung are touted so highly-good marketing people?...moisture sensing has been around forever [auto cycle] the difference now is; they're using a lot more electronics to control higher price time dry or a unit that doesn't have it; they just cycle the heat off and on at a certain temp-in time for X # of min, in auto, they start and stop the timing process depending on whether the heat is on or off..the advantage is; can cut down on dryer time [auto cycle] if doesn't sense moisture...If you opt out of buying LG and your units break; Wifey and friends will break your bxxx's. they love when we're wrong.
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