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I've had Chevy 350 engines in vehicles sitting around outside for over 10 years and just put in a battery, a shot of gas down the carb and start right up and run fine. Make sure you check that it turns over freely first.


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The fuel will have gone bad a long time ago - it only takes a year if no additives (like Stabil) were added, and even then you're only good for a couple of years. Don't bother with a carb rebuild, but tap (not whack) the float bowl to unstick the float and valve. You need to either drain the fuel from the tank (I'm sure the carb's been dry for a long time), or if there's only a small amount in the tank, dilute it with at least the same amount or more.
The oil drained out of the bearings, lifters, and bores a long time ago, and what's in the pan is long past it's expiration date. Drain the oil, screw on a new filter, and as someone else mentioned, pull the plugs and squirt some oil down the bores (MMO, WD40,fresh motor oil). With the plugs still out, throw in a new battery and crank it over. If you have an oil pressure gauge, crank it until it starts to read and then another ten seconds or so. If you don't have a gauge, you might want to pop a valve cover and have someone hit the key until you see oil in the top end. Don't crank too long - you'll burn out the starter motor. Being VERY CAREFUL about fuel and stray sparks, you might as well take this opportunity to disconnect the fuel line from the carb and clear the old fuel out of the line at the same time so you're starting with fresh.
Clean and gap the plugs, check the points if it has them, clean out the distributor cap, and give it (and your plug leads) a wipe down and a squirt of WD40, pour a little fuel into the carb and see if she'll start. It's possible a piston ring may be seized. If you have a miss (or it's burning more oil than when it was parked) that doesn't seem to be a lead, plug, etc, and the cooling system is up to par, get it hot and it may free it up.
Good luck
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Had a customer give me a 55 Buick that had been sitting for 5 years. Towed it home, put in a battery, gas down the carb and it started. Ran fine until I sold it a few months later.
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Originally Posted by usnomad View Post
Doc (and everyone else),

Did you drain the tank? Use any additive? Replace the tank? Doesn't fuel go bad and sometimes jel after so long? If the tank is empty and has no fuel, is there a chance of rust?

No, I didn't drain the gas in any way. Nor did I pour any down the carb. I guess the one new gallon of petrol I put in mixed with the old stuff that was in the tank and made it potent again.

I didn't lube the motor or do any of the things suggested by others on here so far. Ignorance more than anything but even though it could be said that they just don't make 'em like they used to.
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It would be best to pull the plugs and fill the cylinders with marvel mystery oil. Let it sit for a day and then turn the engine by hand (socket on crankshaft). Throw all of the gas away. What you had in there is mostly water and some petroleum distillates. Mixing wont help it. After 10 years of sitting outside, you are looking at some major work and $$$....
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Try cleaning the carb clean the plugs and try it out unless the engine is seized you should be good. And the wet floor.....open up the doors for a few days if that doesnt work just get new footliner


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engine sitting start

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