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Silverado humming noise

Originally Posted by ukrkoz View Post
don't sell it. drive it to death. be nice to it and keep it. nothing is better than paid for vehicle. why would you get yourself into debt again? it starts? drives you where you need to? hauls? what else do you need? oh, i know. small subwoofer, so you don't hear that humm. $140 amazon, no big deal.
Agreed. Nothing you have stated so far would make me even think about getting rid of it. My truck is 26 yrs old and runs fine. It doesn't run like new, but it runs well enough that I see no reason to spend $20k to fix the little things it may need. I will just spend a week and go through it.

Also, don't rule out tires as the culprit. I have seen bad tires (that otherwise look fine) emulate all kinds of issues from bad wheel bearings with noise to bad steering components due to vibration.

If the noise is truly a problem, it will get worse and will become fairly easy to determine. If it stays the same, then I wouldn't spend too much time worrying about it.

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Silverado humming noise

every time i rotate tires i have new noises that go away. it's a GM pickup. they had 6 page letter out once, explaining, how it is "normal" to have all kinds of noises. so, like i said - GOOD Pioneer head unit and a sub makes wonders to those noises.
btw, also check if you do not have something stuck under, like a plastic bag or else. tree branches. other junk.
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Silverado humming noise

thats my plan is to keep it, my wifes car will be paid off in 8 months. Ideally there will be no payments at all for us. Just repair bills. Which im ok with. I plan to drive it till its dead, but gas is a killer...150$ a week
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Silverado humming noise

comes with the truck. get a spare, 95 or so Civic, manual, for commuting. 45mpg, can't kill. be happy. put a basic insurance on it, liability only plus hit and run. reduce insurance on truck from comprehensive to storage, it's like 10 bucks a month. drive Civic, use truck only for what it's designed for - hauls.
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Silverado humming noise

My buddy had a 2001 silverado and had a humming noise coming from the front drivers side. Only heard it at highway speeds. Very faint and didn't start til about 50k. Turns out when he got his tires rotated and balanced they noticed a very small vibration from that tire on the machine.
They mentioned it to him when they were done and he had them pull the tire off and noticed it had broken cords. He just got new tires not long ago and the sound went away. The truck drove fine was steering fine etc. Just had a humming noise.
One more note that my wife has an issue with. It's better to pay 500 every 6 months on my truck for repairs more gas etc. Than it is to buy a new vehicle for a little better fuel mileage and more expensive insurance plus 300-500 a monthly for a new car payment. The wife loves new cars. But I love my '02 F150. I would love a new pickup. But not enough to retire a perfectly good truck. A brand new truck will be old at some point too. Save the cash now and pay cash for your next one. Nothing like being debt free.
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Silverado humming noise

I've seen where rear end noise traveled through the driveshaft and sounded like it was in the front of the vehicle. Just an idea...

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