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Sagging ceiling liner

Back in high-school, a friend of mine got an '86 turbo Sunbird GT shortly after his 16th birthday. His dad was a car-guy, and the thing was rock-solid, mechanically speaking. The headliner sucked though (the previous owner was a smoker, for those keeping track of that debate).

His mom was a craft guru and made it look like new in no-time. The old headliner and foam were removed. From the craft store, a foam backer was purchased. It was probably 1/4" thick and semi-rigid material. The foam was trimmed to the same shape as the previous headliner, then covered with some new matching fabric with spray-adhesive and installed on the ceiling. I'm not sure how long the headliner lasted, but it was still up and in place when he finally joined the rest of us and bought a Camaro 3 years later. (We were big F-body guys back then).

FWIW, my family's GMs of that era all had suck headliners: '83 Grand Prix, '86 Camaro IROC (miss that car), '89 Jimmy.

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Sagging ceiling liner

Originally Posted by polarzak View Post
I think George W. Bush is the cause of headliner failures.
(how's that for some polarization?)
LOL!! Wrong, though, blaming Bush for headliner sag- Bush can only take the blame for stuff like Huricane Katrina hitting New Orleans, or Global warming, or the earthquake in Turkey in 2006, etc, but not headliner sag........
Alexander Pope: [a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing]
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Sagging ceiling liner

Originally Posted by CATliftTech View Post
Talk to anyone in the auto trim business and they will confirm what I said. I smoked for many years and had to re- do the headliner twice on a truck I still have. It's a 79 dodge 4x4 I've owned since 1981. After I quit in 1994, I had the liner re- done a third time, by the same trim shop that did the two before, it's still up!

I don't care what you believe about smoking! Not my concern. I talked to numerous trimmers in the business and they observe the same thing! Do, or don't believe! It's not a religion. Just stating an observation. I offered a repair for the problem. Take it for what it's worth!

Smoking polarizes discussions. Not willing to debate the pros or cons of a foolish habit! It's not something anyone " has" to do to live. It's a bad habit. If you want to continue to smoke, knock yourself out! I gave it up because it's expensive and useless!
Sorry, CAT- didnt mean to sound like attacking you on this- appology if it sounded like that. But, no need to let it turn into anything. And I dont take my position cuz I have an ax to grind against smokers either- not at all.

Last thing I want is to attack a fellow member who has helped me out in the past. Didnt mean to have come out tat way, though. Just when I hear of testimonial "proof" like that, even if you were told by others, Im the most skeptical guy on this forum, guaranteed- its my occupation, I guess.

Too many sacred cows out there. especially in the auto business. I "feel" this smoking cause may be close to being one, thats all. I just ask for more than anecdotal evidence, and not hearsay/second hand/testimonial evidence, as that is the LOWEST form of scientific evidence out there. And you should demand the same thing.

Anyway, keep that car out of the sun!!
Alexander Pope: [a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing]

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Sagging ceiling liner

Did not see it in any reply so if if was sorry for the repost. Use upholstery tacks, you know the ones that have the cork screw end on them and look like thumb tacks? Worked great on a 88 Regal and a 89 S15 Jimmy!

All I did was start from the center and smoothed the liner out as I worked my way to the outside, then just tucked the excess in to the trim.

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