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Running electrical wire into 98 Buick Lasabre

I want to run an electric wire inside my car so I can plug a heater and set it on a timer at night. Sick of having to scrape ice and snow every morning, and I don't have auto start.

I can't seem to find any spot to run a wire through the firewall since it's very crammed. I would probably have to go right under the car, and it's kind of hard to do that in middle of winter when it's 30 below unless I know exactly where I have to look.

Anyone familiar with this model, and where would be a good spot to run a wire? I would basically run it along the block heater wire and just have two plugs, or maybe I could combine them in a water proof junction box so I only have one coming out from under the hood. I would set a timer in the garage so it starts up the block heater and internal electric heater a few hours before I get up. I would probably use an oil filled heater as that is probably safer then a ceramic heater.

Also what kind of wire would be best to use for an application like this? I'm thinking BX because it has to be able to survive the heat of the engine, but will that stuff rust with salt and such?


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Ayuh,... Sounds like a good way to burn up your car.... That's gonna be a Massive current draw....
1500w for the block heater,+ Another 1500w for a cabin heater,..??
You'll want to use something like a heavy 12ga commercial extention cord for the wire...
With the vibration of the car, Solid conductors Won't last very long...

You'll have to drill a hole in the firewall,.. They're pretty well sealed...


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why not open the window slightly and feed in an extension cord, then roll the window up snug. Plug in your timer and heater. Done finisshed.....
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Yeah if I go through with this I plan to use 12awg for sure. Do block heaters really pull 1500w? I figured it was more like a couple hundred. If that's the case I'd have to use two circuits. Mind you I only really need the block heaters for days where it's like 30 below, so I could just forget the inside heater and just deal with the frost like I do every other morning.

I suppose I could open the window a bit and pass the cord but that kinda defeats the purpose, I would just lose all the heat right away.
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I have been able to find a spot along the door jamb where the door can be closed on the extension cord without squashing and without heat loss.

Heat is not lost that fast from a window "cracked" open as many of us already know in summer. You don't have the bottom to top circulation as you do in an attic with soffit and gable vents (or soffit and ridge vents).

Now where do you buy aftermarket block heaters?
The good conscientious technician or serviceperson will carry extra oils and lubricants in case the new pump did not come with oil or the oil was accidentally spilled, so the service call can be completed without an extra visit.

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Roll up a towel to plug up the gap in the window; there's always room with this "gasket" for a cord.


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