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rider mower

I have fooled with mowers quite a bit, but I am a little stumped on this one. These engines operated on basically the same principles, so I hope this is a general enough guestion/situation.

Sometimes when I try to start the mower, it will not turn over like a bad starter. I have tried the starter with no load and it seems okay that wya. I also greased the starter drive before I reinstalled it. I know or feel like this was not a good way to test the starter as it had no load on it.

Here is the strange part to me. I can turn the engine backwards a round or two, and the starter will turn the engine normally. I thought maybe the carb was leaking fuel into the cylinder, so I put a turn off valve in the fuel line. Not sure that helped any.

Sticky valves in the engine, flywheel and starter binding? Not sure if I have replaced the flywheel on this one. I'm thinking, if I did, it may be loose and binding. I know I either replaced one or had one replaced and I installed it on a mower I had, just not sure if it was this one.



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Check your battery and charging system.

A good fully charged battery will have more "muscle"!

I don't know about mower batteries, but on a car a fully charged battery will be 12.65 volts when checking with a multimeter in the DC 20 volts setting.

Then after you start the car, the voltage on the car battery will go up to 13/14 volts. This is the alternator charging the battery.

So I don't know if a mower would be similar?

Anyway the voltage should go up after starting. This would indicate it was being charged. If it is not being charged, then check your charging system.

If it is charging ok, then the battery might be going bad. You might be able to take it to an auto parts store and have them do a load test? (How much "muscle" it has...)

How old is the battery?


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Not sure if I bought the battery this year or last year. I know they sometimes get weak from sitting for long periods. Imo, this does not explain why it will turn the engine when I turn the engine backward by hand. Its like it releases pent up compression or something. Maybe I need to check the flywheel for any wobble. Some are attached with rivets from the factory if my memory serves me correctly. Actually, I may need to check the teeth on the drive and the flywheel for any distortion.

Thanks for the response.
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Most of the time this is due to the engine being on the top of the compression stroke, that's why when you back up the engine it will start... Welcome to the world of cheaply made mowers... For a possible cure try cleaning all terminals to battery and starter... Check solenoid terminals and clean... Fully charge battery... Also look to see if the mounting bolts for the engine haven't become loose causing a bad ground for the engine electrical system...
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Seems odd it would do it so often. But I did also change the solenoid. I will check the things mentioned.

Thanks to all for the resplies. The battery could be weak I guess.
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