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Crista 11-15-2007 10:27 AM

Rear Window Seal
Hi there!

I have a 1996 Camry that someone broke into. They broke the rear driver's side quarter/vent glass, which was replaced this morning. However, when they replaced it, they put down the rear drivers side window to make the repair. Now the seal around THAT window is off a bit, and the window is very noisy. It looks like the seal around the window just needs to be set right, but I called them and they can't get me back in till next week.

Is there a way I can re-set the rear driver's side electric window seal in the correct place?


UBoiler 11-18-2007 10:12 AM

I'd look at the passenger side front window seal and compare it to the driver's side window seal. You may see something distinctively different between the two and you would be able to focus there.
Whenever I work on vehicles I remember what my buddy the real Mr. Goodwrench says, "all components and pieces are assembled on the vehicle for ease of manufacture, not repair."
The good news is your seal is probably just out of position a little bit or maybe turned a little so when your window goes up it can't seat properly. I would look very closely how that seal meets the window to see if I can the exact spot where the seal is out of place and then re-adjust the rubber seal a little bit. Again the passenger seal should mirror the driver's side and I would use it for reference.
Any chance the thieving clown tried the front window first and damaged the seal? Probably not in a "smash, trash, and dash!" but it's worth considering. Good luck. Cliff

UBoiler 11-18-2007 10:16 AM

Oops. I mis-read your question, it's the rear window you're talking about. Same plan, just other windows. I bet you will be able to fix it yourself. Good luck. Cliff

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