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oh... you see different versions of breakin. Typically it is some method of cycling the brakes. Some versions will say do 10 hard stops from 30 miles per hour. Some will say do gradual stops. Most good pad suppliers will have a break-in procedure included with new pads. I have never seen a break-in procedure included with new rotors. Google disk brake break-in.

Technically ...you onlyhave to bleed the brakes if you open the system. A good mechanic will always bleed the brakes when you do the brakes. It gets any trapped air out of the system. It is also a good way to flush out dirt and old fluid. I will ususally flush my system each year by 'bleeding" a 1/2-full bottle through each caliper. You can also get this done at many shops for 50-100$.


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You talking to me?
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Originally Posted by beerdog View Post
60k miles! Wow...put new pads on. A basic set of pads is cheap. Spending a little extra for good pads is worth it IMHO. Plus, you will be taking it all apart soon anyways. Plus, you risk causing other problems since the pads and rotors have worn out together. New rotors with uneven worn out pads is not good. I know the temptation to stretch them as far as possible is irresistable, but your car will thank you.
actually OP said 60k KM, not miles. That is about 37k miles

actually having to replace rear shoes in 37k miles or even 60k miles is a bit odd. The fronts should wear out before the rears as the fronts do about 85% of the braking. I would wonder if there was wheel cylinder problems (seizing).

anyway, I would replace the pads along with the rotors (if you were considering differently). Chances are if the rotors warped or have hard spots due to overheating, the pads are crap as well.
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Originally Posted by phantasm72 View Post
Generally, whats involved in a break in procedure?
I know rotors usually come with a film of oil to prevent corrosion during their store-life, that needs to be cleaned off, but other than that, I am not aware of anything that needs to be done
Pads should be "bedded in". The procedure is SOMETHING like drive at 40 mph and apply the brakes moderately to an almost complete stop, and then accelerate to 40 for a few miles to cool the brakes and apply the brakes moderately to almost a compelte stop, and do this a few times. I may be slightly off on the mph or the exact procedure, however you get the picture. Your best bet is to either do what the disk manufacturer recommends, or google "breaking in rotors". You will probably get two or three different procedures, and technical reasons why to do it...pick one procedure that suits you. Breaking in really does extend the life and quality of braking.
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Thanks guys.
Managed to change out the rotors no problems. Car is braking fine now.
The pads still looked good, so I let them be.
So thanks for all the advice. I was surprised at how easy (and cheap) a job it was. Hardest part was getting the tires off...


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