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toolaholic 03-08-2013 12:49 PM

My water pumo is leaking after making a racket the other day at start up. Still leaked but is quiet now. I ordered a cardone select water pumo. New not rebuilt. I also ordered a Hatden 2822 premium severe duty fan clutch. I researched it and the consenses is to replace fan clutch when you replace water pumo as each item when it goes bad puts wear and tear on the other. The vehicle is a 1999 dakota r/t with a 5.9liter v-8. Also read fo stick w/ oem fan clutch but the Hayden is well respected. Mileage is 50,000 miles. Disappointed the pumo went as system was flushed half way through truck's life and recently fresh coolant was put in when hoses were replaced. What a job to replace pump and bypass hose. Alternator removed, a/c compressor moved and accessory bracket that alt and a/c are mounted to are removed. Waiting for a lisle pump pulley wrench ,hayden fan clutch and pump to come in mail to finish job. Got the 36mm fan nut wrench in the mail. I welcome your opinions on replacing fan clutch and your opinions on cardone select water pumps.

paintdrying 03-08-2013 11:02 PM

I think the cardone pumps are good. I bought a water pump one year warranty, the other pump had a lifetime warranty. It was the same pump, you just paid more for the warranty. The last water pump I did was a ford explorer. Luckily I was able to unscrew all the ten mm bolts to remove the water pump and fan and all. because I could not get them apart. Not familair with the Dakota. Some pumps are very tricky to have not leak. Some guys cut bolts to use as guide pins then unscrew them. Some guys rtv both sides of the gasket. Some bolts penetrate water jackets and need silicone sealer. Never remember a fun water pump

r0ckstarr 03-11-2013 02:20 PM

Make sure you get the correct fan clutch. There are two types. Thermal, and non-thermal. I believe you need a thermal.

toolaholic 03-13-2013 12:30 AM


Originally Posted by r0ckstarr
Make sure you get the correct fan clutch. There are two types. Thermal, and non-thermal. I believe you need a thermal.

I got a Hayden that's thermal just like the oem unit.

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