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TJMS81 02-13-2011 07:31 PM

EGR valve on '98 Isuzu Rodeo
Seems like this "new" truck is becoming more work than it's worth...(I'm not a mechanic by many people's stretch of imagination but I'm learning as I go on this one...which is fun but frustrating at the same time)...

Check engine light came on and we got multiple codes. We gave it a tune up (plugs, fluids etc) and the light came back on.

Took it to Autozone to get the codes read again...EGR valve issues still (P0401 & P0402)...the only thing that wasn't addressed in our tune up. Replaced the valve and the light came back on...haven't taken it to get the codes read yet but I'm curious if there is something else to check. Autozone is 45 minutes away and the local mechanics all charge to have it done.

With the hood up, when I turn the engine off, there is a slight hiss, as if there is a leak in a vacuum hose somewhere. Not sure if that is a normal sound and/or is related to my issue. May be being paranoid but I don't have anyway of knowing which hose(s) to check.

ukrkoz 02-14-2011 10:01 PM

hate to say this, but Rodeos are known "rid of me asap" cars. donno if you are really into offroading, so you might be better off with a Samurai or Sidekick. otherwise, Rodeos are money pits. sorry did not help much. no, there should be no hisses and such. it's no steam engine.

mitsuman 03-23-2011 01:41 PM

EGR Valve
Have seen alot of problems with the intake side of EGR Port Restricted with carbon build up. Try Putting compressed air to Intake side of port.

Bigplanz 03-23-2011 07:42 PM

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An EGR code doesn't mean the EGR itself is bad. The hiss means a vacuum leak. If you can hear it with the engine running, it's a massive vacuum leak. I hope it is just a vacuum line rather than, say, an intake manifold.

Thurman 03-23-2011 07:47 PM

As stated, these Rodeo's were notorious for having this very problem, along with Honda Passports, and Isuzu "something's". The auto parts house I work at part-time we have sold thousands of these EGR valves over the last five years. We have also sold the EGR valve gasket with the screen wire built in to help prevent this carbon build-up. One trick I learned is to spray some good carb cleaner into the EGR valve passages once a month to help prevent this carbon build-up. OR be prepared to remove the EGR valve monthly to clean it. No simple fix out there.

<*(((>< 03-23-2011 10:54 PM

If you want to track down your vacuum leak there is a procedure. With the engine running, take a propane bottle and torch and just crack open the valve on the torch (without lighting it of course) and follow the vacuum lines around until the cars idle speeds up. This is where your vacuum line is leaking, as it is pulling propane into the combustion causing the idle change. If you don't trust me fine but you can ask a mechanic or search for it.

Some suggestions are to do this outside, only open the torches valve just so you can start to hear the propane flow, and it wouldn't hurt to have someone else there to help and listen.

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