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ukrkoz 08-10-2011 02:42 PM

Dodge Dakota 2002 rear end rub
Hi folks

Buddy has 2002 Dakota 4x4 with rear drum brakes. Driving forward or in reverse, steering wheel straight, it's all good.

When wheels are turned to a side, forward or in reverse, there's quite a loud rub coming from the driver side rear end. It is much louder in reverse, than in forward. Accompanied by vibration, you can clearly feel it through the rear fender.

Any suggestions? I think it has locking rear diff, but not sure, as it's not mine, and he does not know much about it.

100% coming from rear end, driver side. We both walked next to it in my driveway.

Just to clarify situation. Truck was in front end accident and was re-conditioned. It was only cosmetic repairs, grill, fascia, and such. Nothing was done to engine mounts or transmission mounts.

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