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A relief off of my shoulders and lessons learned

I just had to tell you about my past week experience. First off I moved into my house In about April of this year. Basement had wood paneling and acoustic tile celing. I in my professionn I have to take a class once a year about asbestos . So I am aware of knowable of it. Being in my first house I get a little to excited with things. It crossed my mind once in a while about the celing but never took it to seriously. I was about 90% done with the removing the celing and took a break for a week. So far I've done the the removal in small amount of time. 5 Minutes here and ther e. Out of knowwhere I'm breathing heavy. Chest feels a little tight. no coughing or pain. So my mind starts to think. I found a little bit of mold in the basement but I am around mold all the time at my job. (cable tech)----(ya the guy who fixes you cable). This started on Thursday night and has been going on for about a week now. This is allergy time so Im thinking this is most likely it. Slowly my mind starts getting the best of me and I find myself looking at articles over the internet about asbestos, asbestos short exposue. If really took a toll on me mentally thinking Im going to die. Having maybe exposing my fiance to asbestos.(stupid,stupid,stupid me) Took it toll on me today and I'm getting to the point of almost mentaly drained. So I call up some asbestos tested and go down and drop off A piece of the celing in a zip lock bag and I was told It could take up to 3 days not counting the weekend. Monday afternoon is when they told me to expect a call. Somewhat of the stress was taken off of my back. I dropped off the piece at 1:30. At 2:45 I received a call back with the results..... No asbestos..... Oh god what a relief. I couldnt stop thanking the gentelmen on the phone. He said the celing tile was made of cellulose and wood fibers. Probably 30 years old. The celing tile was 12 X 12 with different sized holes on the surface and almost looked like fibery cardboard. My week long experice was one of the worst weeks I can remember. Things I learned from this. Test first. Serioiusly. This test only costed me 30 dollars. Weather 3 days or 3 months for results. The wait is worth it. You can put a price tag on you life or others. I really felt like sh()t that I might have put my fiance is danger. Dont let you excitement get ahead of you. Just by thinking you are only going to be exposed to a little bit of asbestos does not make it worth it. Education is your best weapon againt asbestos. There is no hepa filter or protective clothing that is as effective as prudanct avoidance..... That my story. I know it seams like I over reacted in some at some points but that is just how I'm wired and I dont think theres anything wrong with that. Better to over react then to not do anything.


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Out of knowwhere I'm breathing heavy. Chest feels a little tight.
I'm not sure of your age, but those are some of the symptoms of a heart attack. Glad it wasn't asbestos and good luck on the rest of your house.


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