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philbert77 11-16-2009 01:15 PM

combo dual ion/photo smoke/co detector??
Does anyone manufacture a combination 120v hardwired dual ionization/photoelectric smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm?
It sounds like the dual sensor smoke alarm is the way to go for the best safety, and my state also requires CO detectors. All I can seem to find are combo smoke/CO alarms that use either ionization or photoelectric for the smoke sensor, not both. I don't want to install different alarms all over my ceiling. Surely there's one out there that combines all these features???

VelvetFoot 11-26-2009 09:36 PM

I haven't found any either. I just recently looked at my smoke alarms (hardwired, interconnected) and they were all ionization types. I wound up buying 6 photo-electric/ionization smoke combos and 3 CO detectors. I'm going to have to add electrical boxes for the CO detectors but they should all be "smart" interconnected so that when one detector goes off they all go off with the number of beeps for either smoke or monoxide. An advantage, I guess, of getting separate CO detectors is that the ones I have last 5 years, vs 10 for the smoke detectors.

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