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BJLower 01-17-2009 10:02 AM

All heavy DIYers have done something dumb. Let's fess up.
The next posting is “am I doing something dumb” and is about an accident with a power drill. Sooner or later every serious DIYer is go to do something to injure themselves no matter how careful you are. We use a lot a power tools, tools with sharp edges, heavy tools........

We help each other our with our projects, just for a little fun why don't we admit to our shinning moments as DIYers. This area is for safety, I don't think one thread where we admit to the “dumbs” we had is too far out of line. Instead of advise we can fess up to our dumbs so that others don't do them and get a few laughs out of a posting.

I was helping a friend strip the old walls out of his basement that had DIYed in the “just tear it all out and start from scratch format”. We were to the point of ripping out the studs. His kids were carrying the old wood outside, so we were moving along at a pretty good rate.

There was a big nail in the ceiling that I couldn't get the hammer at the right and to pry out. This is when I suffered a moment of temporary insanity. I hooked the claw of the hammer on the nail and figuring my body weight would get that nail free, pulled on the hammer with both hands. Just as my feet lifted off the floor out came the nail.

Unfortunately the momentum of my full weight pulling on the hammer caused an unforeseen reaction. The hammer came down so hard that, naturally the claw part of the hammer “nailed” me right in the lip. :censored: Luckily I didn't do any serious damage like knock a tooth out, but it did make a nice “goose egg”.

Hitting yourself in the thumb is one thing, but if smack yourself in the mouth with a hammer you're going to get a lot of well deserved teasing.

I was replacing the end on a garden hose and the blade on the razor knife was too dull, so I popped in a new one. Naturally the new blade went through the hose like a hot knife through butter and I was off to the emergency roof for a few stitches in my knuckle.

It just happened that they guy next to me in the emergency room had slipped with his cordless drill that subsequently continued to spin into the palm of his other hand. The emergency room doctors made several good jokes about the amount of time they spent repairing DIYers every weekend. The female doctor said that they naturally had more customers on weekends, but they would be a lot less crowded if it weren't for men and power tools.

I know that someone out there can beat smacking themselves in the mouth with a hammer. Fess up!:laughing:


rgsgww 01-17-2009 08:05 PM

One time I was drilling holes in my crawl space with a flat wood bore...the bit got stuck and the drill came right back at me. Boy did my face hurt.

Another time I was diagnosing an electrical problem, I was using a "pen" detector because I lost my multi meter. The tester read "no voltage" so I tried to pull the outlet out (with one hand ) I got shocked. Always test with a multi meter.

nap 01-17-2009 11:31 PM

such errors are not limited to DIYers. The pros have their share of huta syndrome and get hurt too.

I did the big no-no of leaving a hammer on top of my ladder when I went to grab some material. I forgot about it, went to move the ladder and the suddenly, just as it hit my head, remembered where I left my hammer.

Boy can head wounds bleed. As soon as it happened, I looked around to make sure nobody saw this dummy take the hit.:whistling2:

rgsgww 01-17-2009 11:40 PM


Originally Posted by nap (Post 214677)
such errors are not limited to DIYers. The pros have their share of huta syndrome and get hurt too.

I did the big no-no of leaving a hammer on top of my ladder when I went to grab some material. I forgot about it, went to move the ladder and the suddenly, just as it hit my head, remembered where I left my hammer.

Boy can head wounds bleed. As soon as it happened, I looked around to make sure nobody saw this dummy take the hit.:whistling2:

I just did the same thing...I checked for blood and looked around to see if anyone saw me.

Rehabber 01-18-2009 12:06 AM

Finishing a kitchen cabinet install, I made a jig to drill holes in cabinet doors so that all the handles would be in exactly the same place. However I discovered that the placement of my thumb behind the cabinet door to hold the jig in place shold not be directly behind the hole being drilled:no: Oh well, it was only an 1/8" dia hole in my thumb:censored:

BJLower 01-18-2009 12:14 AM

A friend pulled one of the greatest
A friend (really) was working on his rather steep roof. To make sure that he didn't fall he ran a rope around his waste over the peak of the roof and tied it to the bumper of his wife's car. Unfortunately he neglected to inform his wife that he'd tied the rope to the bumper of her car.

Yes, his wife got in her car planning on making a quick run to the store that ended up being a quick run to the emergency room. Luckily it was a warm day and she had put her window down so heard his obviously very loud yell and stopped the car just after yanking him off the roof and didn't drag him down the road. He managed to survive with only some good bumps and bruises.

Naturally the number of jokes made at his expense were fairly massive. Two of the neighbors took it a tad too far when they decided that it would be funny for one to pull the other past his house using a rope and his sons skateboard. They very abruptly found out that they hadn't done a thorough job of planning their joke when the neighbor doing the driving hit the brakes after passing his yard and they found out that the combination of a short rope and skateboards not having brakes was not a good combination. The rear of the car, skateboard and its rider survived the subsequent “rear ender” in tact, except for the pride.

gone_fishing 01-18-2009 07:34 AM

Rerunning my electrical wiring a few weeks ago I was pulling the wiring out of my 200amp box. I had too much line so I had cut it and was just removing the excess. One of the wires his the hot terminal. Could have killed me if I wasn't lucky.

7echo 01-18-2009 09:26 AM

nail gun
Saw a guy hold two 3/4" boards together so he could nail them with a gun. Hand behind where he shot, framing nails that are longer than 1 1/2".
OUCH! Right into the meat of the palm below the thumb.

Termite 01-18-2009 08:47 PM

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I took an 18v drill battery to the head when the bit grabbed and the drill spun around and tagged me in the face. I never, never got hit that hard in any fight I was ever in! Honestly I thought I had shattered my eye socket, so I was relieved to just end up with a few stitches and a black eye.

My sister and my wife were kind enough to show up at the ER with a camera.

Aggie67 01-19-2009 02:25 PM

Two years ago we moved into our new house, and it has an inground pool. I'd never owned a pool in my life, so I had to learn quick on how to take care of it. Came time to close it down for the year, and I was taking apart the pump and filter piping. The prior owner said leave the D.E. filter housing outside (but cleaned out), and bring the pump inside for the winter (and blow out the lines, cap them, etc, etc).

The following spring I put everything back together and go to turn the pump on, and whammo, the thing starts shooting water in every direction. The casing had cracked over the winter. I neglected to drain the water from the pump casing, and my garage has no heat, so it froze and split the casing. Expensive lesson. That pump now has a warm winter home behind my furnace.

Also, about 15 years ago I rebuilt my motorcycle from the frame up. New jugs, carb, tank, ignition harness, ignition module, valves, cam, etc. It's February, and I'm in my garage installing the new cylinders and heads, the pistons are in, and I made it a point to replace all of the interior rods, nuts and bolts on the motor with new components. I ran into trouble when I forgot to blow out one of the tapped holes in the crank case. There must have been a burr in this one hole (the last one of eight, of course). I'm tightening down this long threaded rod through the head, the cylinder casting and into the crank case casting, and I hear "EEEeeeeeek", and the rod shears. I bottomed out the rod and sheared the damn thing. I had to rip the whole motor down again to get the rod out cleanly.

Scuba_Dave 01-19-2009 03:03 PM

I haven't wacked myself in the head, but have had a 1/2" drill twist & smack my hands against the wall/2x. I've had the hammer on the ladder thing too - just an egg - no blood
I built a "T" bar to hold a ridge beam up. I nailed the ridge beam into the outer wall. The other wall was undecided as it would end inside the outer wall, then a shorter roof would be built. So the T had a "U" to hold the ridge beam. Inserted the T & pushed the ridge beam up. Measured from each side & nailed the bottom of the T where I wanted it. I then put a ladder up & started to climb to nail the ridge to the T. Except I did it from the wrong way & the T started to slide along the ridge beam. I hopped off, pushed the T back up, then put a ladder up from the side

I remember a neighbors kid coming running out of his basement. He was making a fort & nailing wood together. Came running out & told his dad they were RICH!! He struck Oil!! :laughing:
He hit the (slightly) buried oil line in the concrete

rgsgww 01-19-2009 03:16 PM

One time I was stripping 12/3 romex and sliced through the red wire. I spent 10 minutes trying to find out why the breaker tripped when I flipped the light switch.

Another time I broke the conductor, but the insulation was intact. I found that out after the lights didn't work and I read 137 volts.

AtlanticWBConst. 01-19-2009 03:29 PM

I was transporting some 9' long heavy angle irons (4), for structural lintels (Steel Headers), in a basement. We had cut out some large openings in a foundation, and were putting in windows where there previously weren't windows, on a major remodeling project.

I had them in my 8' pick up bed (with cap), with the extra foot passing thru into the cab. I was driving very carefully, slowly, cautiously....

I came to a set of lights, and stopped very gradually. However, the lintels were sitting at a pivot point. The weight of them started to shift. I could see them out of the corner of my eye start to come down, like the end of a see-saw.

What happened: As the heavy iron sections "teetored" downward, the full weight of them shifted forward.

Stupidity: (First, Let me introduce myself, I'm an idiot); I reached over and tried to grab the iron with my right hand. You see, they were headed towards my dashboard, and in a split second, I lacked the comprehension that the damage to my hand would far out-cost, the expense of a new dashboard.
Needless to say, I ended up driving myself to the ER. There was a line there, but when I walked in with my hand wrapped up in blood soaked napkins, and they knew it was a "construction-related" accident, they took me in, right away.

As I waited in one of the rooms, the searing pain kept getting more intense, it had me tearing the arm rest off the chair, I was trying hard to stay seated in.

The freshly cut end of the iron was jagged, and had shot down, and ripped off all kinds of skin, mostly off the surface of my thumb. It had almost severed two fingers and sliced a chunk of skin on my wrist.

They had to poke a hole in one of my finger nails to let the blood out. They did some xrays & stitched my hand back up.

Anyhow, the funny thing is that I only took a pain killer that night. After that, it didn't hurt much (strange). So I didn't bother taking the rest of the painkillers (don't like pills). I went back to work the next day.

...And here is the gory Emergency Room picture of my bloody shredded hand:

Enjoy the picture link.

DangerMouse 01-19-2009 03:41 PM

wow, some of you guys are lucky to still have limbs or even be alive! i'm more that guy that always has an automotive problem that requires me to use hand tools under the truck/car on the coldest friggin' day of the year and you just KNOW the tool will slip and i'll skin my knuckles.... never fails.... i hate cars.....


AtlanticWBConst. 01-19-2009 03:52 PM

Nice Picture huh?

Sorry to dissapoint all you gore-loving-sickos...

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