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jerome8283 07-03-2008 09:34 PM

Zinsser Perma-white
-- Mold & Mildew-Proof Interior Paint - Can I use this in a bathroom as an undercoat/primer on previously painted walls and new drywall prior to my final coat of paint?

slickshift 07-03-2008 09:46 PM

There is no need to use a mildew resistant paint as an undercoat
Mildew comes from the environment, not from underneath
(unless it's coming from behind the wall, but that's another issue)
Having Z's PW as the creamy mold and mildew resistant filling in your bathroom coatings Oreo cookie won't help fight mold and mildew

And although Z's PW is "self-priming", it does not make a good primer
The "self-priming" helps in the case of bathroom paint, as bathrooms are the most heinous environment for coatings
But it does not replace actual primer in a case like new drywall in a bathroom

Nestor_Kelebay 07-03-2008 11:37 PM


So far as I know, Zinsser's PermaWhite only comes in satin and semigloss, both of which are too smooth to make for a good primer.

PermaWhite doesn't dry to a rough enough surface to make a good primer. And, as SlickShift pointed out, the mildewcide in it is going to do no good whatever being under another top coat of paint.

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