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To "cover stain sucks" feel bad for you and hope this helps I am new here (kinda) and don't post Advice much: In general when you do Interior painting and need to seal (prime) wood- you would use alkyd "enamel undercoater" that name tells you it is used for interior "priming" of most often raw wood or wood (can be used on other misc surfaces etc) Enamel undercoater= interior wood primer- if a can says primer on the label it is usually for Exterior wood priming- there is a difference the pigment(s) put in undercoater are ground up to a very fine powder, and when dry feels very smooth the second is it stays "open" longer because of the general nature of reg Alkyd Paints- cover stain is very gritty and I would almost never use it on a job like you described, sounds like "restoration work". Any primer/sealer should almost always be thinned Alkyd on raw wood I thin about 15% if it is hot 20%- Hate to say this to you but if you need to ask what product to use you probably aren't really an everyday journeyman Painter and maybe not qualified (sorry) the other points are- know when to stop using a product or technique if it is making work or "correction work" and the last one (1) is if you really think your brush work looks as good as spray work then you either do not know what to look for or have not seen a solid interior journeyman spray cabinets (I use only B-M Ironclad Alkyd Enamel) there is no way brush work covers edges, rounded corners large flat panels- And the time it takes playin with the paint I spray all my trim work fast and superior looking, anyway I am sure you have good brush skill and hope your job turned out nice it sounds like you do really care.



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hey perry did you see when this started?

11-19-2009, 07:02 PM
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Gymschu (03-02-2013)
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Blast from the past.

OK boys, a followup:

I moved to Ben Moore Alkyd Underbody and fell in love. What a pleasure to work with! Goes on smooth and as has been mentioned here sands 'like talc'. I used it on the wood molding, wood doors, and wood bookcases that I refinished (top coated with Impervo Satin waterbase).
I've also liked using BM's Fresh Start primer on the walls, although 123 has also worked well, as has some other products (the worst wall primer I encountered was Behr, there was a 5 gallon can of it here for free ... even with that price I decided to avoid it).

Thanks for all the feedback on the thread, it was very informative.

I'd also made a connection with the technical advisor for a chain of paint stores here in NYC who has been in the industry a long time and has a deep knowledge of the product lines carried (past and present), chemistry, materials, substrates .... he knew everything about Ben Moore and changes in their products over the decades and he was a great resource in honing in on both the products and application methodologies to get exactly what I wanted.

The can of Cover Stain I believe I still have and it's occasionally come in handy as a step stool and door stop.

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Originally Posted by chrisn View Post
hey perry did you see when this started?

11-19-2009, 07:02 PM
Google is still listing it in 2015. Perhaps the conversation is still worth having yet not starting again from scratch.
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What did you want to discuss? Cover Stain still doesn't level or flow, and still smells bad. 6 years on from the start of this thread, and after who knows how many regulation-driven reformulations, Benjamin Moore 217 also doesn't level or flow very well, either.
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Zinsser Cover Stain

First Question is were you using Cover Stain or Odorless?
Next is which state are you in? yes it does make a difference. EPA and State regs do not always match.

Now why do I ask these questions?
Being an artist does not always mean you can paint furniture, houses, cars etc. all these things have basically the same but some differences in what you need to do and pay attention to.

What is the difference between regular and odorless?
The same material that makes paint odorless is the same material that dries up paint. It makes paint thicker and will not spread the same. Put up with the odor use the real stuff.

State issues, products in some restrictive states will not be the same as those in states not having restrictions. Yes some products are made for specific regions of the country.

It does sound like you may have done well with your prep.
Never leave out first cleaning your surface. TSP or TSP Substitute scrub sand and tack cloth.
Why? Contaminants in the house no paint or primer will stick to wax, silicone, or oils.
So cooking oils, spray wax and furniture polish, mop and wax products, hairspray and other cosmetics, candles, all of these items and more can affect your paint spreading and sticking to a surface, even dust can be a problem. Paint will stick to dust, but dust will not stick to the surface, it just kind of hangs there.

So yes lots of things can be a factor, generally speaking oil primer is better and sealing and preparing bare wood; however, a lot of latex primers like 1 -2 - 3 work very well. If you prep metal then by all means use a oil based primer, if aluminum use only a special aluminum primer.

Good Painting!
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Re: Zinsser Cover Stain Sucks

Thanks gary. Awesome response on this post!
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Re: Zinsser Cover Stain Sucks

Originally Posted by akronpainters View Post
Thanks gary. Awesome response on this post!
Akron, there is also a sister site to DIY called painttalk at painttalk.com where only professional painters post. Lots of good stuff over there as well.
Giving us your general location helps us better help you!
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Re: Zinsser Cover Stain Sucks

I need to go there too.. I'm sure they need more cowbell.


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