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tleeee 06-19-2010 10:01 PM

year old cedar pool deck
Hi all. A year ago I replaced a pool deck (obove ground) with cedar. I let it go all summer and then put a tarp over part of it through the winter. I'm just wondering how to proceed with treatment. There is a brief outline of the tarp covering. I sprayed it off with a hose nosel but I don't think that's enough. Should I lightly preasure wash it or sand it?
I would also like your recomendations of a treatment that brings out the natural wood color and also protects from water. I live in seattle so lots of rain and algea.

housepaintingny 06-20-2010 02:15 PM

clean the deck with a deck cleaner that doese not contain bleach, a product such as deck bright from wollman will work great, it will clean and brighten, sand as needed and apply your stain

slickshift 06-20-2010 07:00 PM

Yup...that's right
W's DeckBright is great, though I prefer Wash-Safe products for this type of project
Removes any algae/fungus/mold while still being environmentally sound, and who would know know about either/both issues than a company based in my own home town here on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA
...The Land Of Rust And Mildew...

lol...but still, either would be a great choice, as they both remove fungus (mold/mildew) and also clean and brighten wood in one step (rather than the traditional three)

For your stain/sealer, keep in mind a true clear doesn't offer much (any) UV protection, so I'd go with at least a "natural/transparent" (tiny bit of tint)
If I am reading your desires correctly (the location "Seattle" says loads to us Cape Codders), I'd suggest a "transparent" (lil' tint) Sikkens or Superdeck product, as both/either seem to be superior in the mold/mildew/fungi-cide dept.

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