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pberm1962 05-01-2013 05:55 PM

wood paint for fireplace box
i have a natural gas vent free fireplace unit built into a decorative wooden box which is veneer covered wood. we purchased this unit from the fireplace store with the wood surface being unfinished and were told it would be good to stain the wood. we stained the wood and never had any issues with the stain overheating. we since put a different floor in and wish to paint the wood of the fireplace white. i have scuffed the surface of all the wood to prep it. my plan was just to lay on some good primer like behr or the like and then a coat of good white paint. the front wood plate above the burner is the piece that gets quite warm as well as the top cover . do you think i might need a heat resistant paint for this wood surface and if so what do you recomend. the heat resistant paint i have looked up seems to be for metal fireplaces or metal grills, not for indoor wood. thanks paul

user1007 05-02-2013 02:24 AM

If you had no problems with the stain and protective coating you probably will have no problem with discoloration of a quality primer and paint (although I would think about something better than Behr). This is one instance where, if you can buy them, alkyd or oil finishes might serve you better than waterbased latex/acrylics.

However, given you are not talking a huge thing, and if you have any doubt, I guess I would be tempted to mask off areas you don't want paint on. Buy heat resistant primer and paint---perhaps engine enamels in rattle cans from the auto part store---and paint with that. There should be no issues with it adhering to the coated wood surface you have scruffed up. This way you should have no worries of discoloration. PlastiKote, Rustoleum and DupliColor should be easy for you to get in engine paints.

Paints for interior radiators would be another possibility. You should be able to find Krylon and Rustoleum in basic black or white but a real paint store would probably have to order for you if you wanted a color or something.

chrisn 05-02-2013 02:49 AM

yes to what he ^^ said
forget the Behr

pberm1962 05-02-2013 08:22 PM

thank you
thanks for the great advice

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