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Why shouldn't I paint my house exterior in Duration gloss?

I painted part of the house in exterior Duration satin, and a year later
1. it is already very dirty
2. and therefore a lot duller looking
3. it wasn't that easy to clean

I did some trim in gloss and that
1. didn't get as dirty
2. didn't seem that much shinier than the satin
3. was easier to clean
4. was definitely more water and stain resistant

I feel that if I paint my whole house in gloss, within a couple years it won't even look that glossy.

I am removing all the paint to there won't be that many imperfections in the wood.
A few cars drive within 12 feet of my house every minute, so I live on a moderately busy street. It probably makes my house dirtier quicker.

So.... why SHOULDN'T I use gloss? Why don't more people use gloss on the whole house?


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There is nothing that says you can't use gloss on the whole house. A lot of people will say is looks gaudy or cheap and will make every imperfection in the wood really stand out. One thing you can do having so much traffic go by is to use a pressure washer every 1-2 months or even a regular hose will help quite a bit.


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Thanks for the thoughts. I have one other question... my goal is to NOT have to scrape and paint for as long as possible. Do you think gloss will last longer than satin?

All the houses in my neighborhood are 100 years old, and everybody scraps and paints every couple of years. I am taking the time to remove ALL the old paint in hopes that I won't have to paint again for a long time (the paint is supposed to last 25 years, but we will see).
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The sheen level makes no big difference in peeling or life of coating.
A gloss will look better longer than a flat but is just as prone to peeling.

Moisture is the culprit. Since you removed all the old paint I would expect you to get a good 10 years. There may be a few problem areas but overall it should hold up well.

25 years is a pipe dream. I know of no house coating that has lasted that long, especially in northern climates. These manufacturers take a gamble with their guarantees. They know that only a small percent of consumers will file a claim. The profits they make from the "misleading" 25 year and lifetime guarantees are too much for them to ignore.
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the paint is supposed to last 25 years, but we will see).

Never gonna happen, 10 years is a long shot at best.

Back in the days of real oil and lead maybe 15
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Actually, I have gotten over 20 years with the paint I used on my parents house, and 99% of it is still intact. I didn't even use a premium brand.

I am using Duration, which has some lifetime warranty that I don't know much about. I won't hold my breath.
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Before you coat the entire house in gloss you might want to get a gallon and paint a test section... just to see. What doesn't look very glossy on a small amount of trim could shine like the sun over a larger surface. If you like how it looks, go with it. If not, paint over it.

Just out of curiosity, what colors are you painting the house with?
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Remember too that glossy paints, when compared to flat paints, hav erelatively less pigments in them and therefore expose more of the resin in the paint to the suns' UV rays.

Pigments are often UV-resistant, that lie like wet corn flakes in your bowl...they protect the substrate.


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paint gloss duration

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