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MTDAMON 11-28-2008 03:42 PM

What's a good price to pay to Paint Kitchen cabinets
I have 46 cabinet doors and am looking to have some one paint my kitchen cabinets. I looked 1st at staining, but decided to paint. Don't know what a good price would be to paint. Got a quote to stain and was told painting would be cheaper. Does anyone know what an average price would be?

slickshift 11-28-2008 08:55 PM

Well, that's not really what this site is for, but...
Kind of hard to say as a project like this is mostly labor, and labor can vary from region to region
Realistically, I'd expect to pay between $100 and $130 per unit for a quality paint job (bare cabs or a previously stained/poly'd re-paint) from a quality painting company
A "unit" would be kind of like what you'd think, a bottom cab with drawers or doors, top cab with's kind of obvious if you look closely at how they are put together
I would be suspicious of any quotes less than $100 a unit

As staining bare cabs would be much less labor, I can't see how staining would be more expensive, unless you also wanted them poly'd (which would be a good idea), but that should be about the same rather than (a lot) more money
(process = one coat stain, two coats poly vs. one coat primer, two coats enamel...not much difference)

Staining cabs that are already stained could be an issue, and could be much more expensive than painting if a lighter or incomparable stain color was desired

If you get 3 quotes, all for around $75 a unit, or all around $200 a unit, then obviously the labor in your area is pretty different

MTDAMON 11-29-2008 05:34 AM

Thanks this was very helpful!

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