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billshook01 10-11-2011 09:09 AM

what is a reasonable price to paint 1600 sq ft interior of house
how much per sq ft. should i be charged for the re-painting of my 1600 sq ft house?

housepaintingny 10-11-2011 02:44 PM

There is no set price. It varys from company to company. Here is a link to my blog that will explaine a little bit why it varys. its like buying meat you can by quality or garbage. You should not focus on price along, as you should focus more on the quality of materials, steps outlined in proposal, contractors reputation, contractors knowledgen contractors professionalism, contractors referances, written warranty from the contractor, make sure the contractor is insured, liscensed, pay sales tax in states where applicable and over all focus on the vakue that the contractor will provide.

Brushjockey 10-11-2011 07:47 PM

.. and make sure said contractor uses spellcheck...

( other than that- good info!) :laughing::thumbup:

Gymschu 10-11-2011 09:01 PM

Too many variables. What is the substrate? Plaster? Sheetrock? Textured walls? Paneling? Are you wanting the ceilings painted? Is it 1600 sq. feet of living space? Or is it 1600 sq. ft. of actual wall space? Big differnce. One or two coats? What color(s)? What type of paint? What brand of paint? Do walls need repaired? Lots and lots of variables. A pic or two would help, but, again, prices around the country vary quite a bit. Some areas require more insurance, licensing, etc. that adds to the cost of a paint job. There's just NO WAY to really answer this question.

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